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  • dlhild Jul 30, 2010 12:27 AM Flag

    SGA, a/k/a "Curly" Stock Buy Back Anaysis

    I have to admit "Old Curly" ain't so dumb after all.

    Buying back $1.5 million in stock per quarter at $5.50/share. This means "Curly's" CRY is buying in about 275,000 shares per quarter.

    Then "Curly" and all the other "Larry and Moos" issue themselves $0.00 shares. "Curly" is a genius. See link.

    Now CRY takes hard earned CRY shareholder dollars and buys back "Curly" and all the other suck up "Larry, & Moo's" stock for $5.50.

    Am I missing something here. Didn't Curly (and the other CRY Larry & Moos suck-ups) just get paid $5.50 per share for their $0.00 shares? I'm beginning to understand why Curly is throwing blame in the direction of Medafor...perhaps to use magic to move people away from the real problem....just a guess of course.

    Curly, you ae a genius buddy. Curly had to come from the east side of St. Paul. I lived on the east side too Curly. I sure would like it my east side buddy could get me a pile of those free CRY shares... Curly buddy, send a few of these free shares my way buddy.

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