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  • dlhild Aug 11, 2010 7:06 PM Flag

    Cry v Medafor Update

    Value, you said the same thing months ago.

    So what is different now?

    What has changed now?

    I too will not be surprise if the judge rules against Medafor on the narrow UCC issue before the court. But that ruling will not resolve anything of substance. Contract resolution via trial is 2 years away, the judge has already said as much. By then Medafor might as well run off the remainder of the contract and then dump Curly Anderson and Moo Lee on their proverbial butts at the end of 2013.

    Do you personally know GS, GT, and their talent set?

    The best thing in the world for Medafor shareholders is for Curly and Moo to keep GS and GT growing Medafor sales. Medafor's real value is not now, but 2, 3 or even 4 years from now. So what's new & true?

    Thank you Curly. Thank you Moo.

    • I have no personal stake or allegiance to either side and know no one personally. In full disclosure currently i am short CRY as I have been playing the swing between 5 and 6. The few pennies in earnings that are being blown on this Medafor nonsense and the resulting multiple adjustments are squeezing the trading range and cutting into my take of the scrilla. I agree with you that CRY management are neandrethals, but therein lies the hidden value that has yet to be unleashed in CRY (unless the little Anderson prodigy takes over). My DD has been spent more on CRY but what i've learned and talked to folks about Medafor leads me to believe that their management team is even worse and certainly is less regarded in the industry. Tread carefully...I have seen the ending to that movie a few times and it is never a happy one. It is in the best interests of both of these companies to just shake hands and move on.

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