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  • dlhild Feb 19, 2013 12:06 PM Flag

    Cardiac Tissue Sales:

    Three years of cardiac tissue sales (check the numbers yourself first though):

    Q1 2010 $6,903,000
    Q2 2010 $6,861,000
    Q3 2010 $7,189,000
    Q4 2010 $7,044,000

    Q1 2011 $6,534,000
    Q2 2011 $6,691,000
    Q3 2011 $6,764,000
    Q4 2011 $6,629,000

    Q1 2012 $7,080,000
    Q2 2012 $7,343,000
    Q3 2012 $8,239,000
    Q4 2012 $7,094,000

    I don’t see cardiac tissue adding much value to share price. My reasoning is simple. The only cost center generating cash flow seems to be the BioGlue cost center. I think that the cardiac tissue cost center operating margin is so low, that after subtracting the related operating expenses the tissue cost center has an operating loss. I don’t expect this to change. CRY has never, to my knowledge/recollection, ever said this cost center is currently profitable. CRY is welcome to comment on the subject if they wish.

    Dirty lab and a liability tail? Not likely, but the probability is not zero either. So why take the risk when this cost center is just a gerbil wheel?

    Conclusion: Draw your own conclusions. The above is just what I’m thinking about at this time. You Amigo have to sort things out for yourself. You are responsible for doing your own due diligence.

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