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  • brad_welsh brad_welsh Jun 29, 2014 12:17 PM Flag

    Crackerl Barrel Cans 73 year old veteran for giving muffin to needy

    Cracker Barrel is in the news again, this time firing a veteran for giving a needy person a cornbread muffin "against company policy". It reminds me of the Duck Dynasty fiasco where management took a hard line there and had to reverse themselves. Seriously? I mean management here just needs to use common sense when dealing with things, because they are going to keep alienating their customer base. It's bad enough the upper management doesn't seem to support the shareholders, now it seems like incompetence is present throughout the whole organization. This 10 cent muffin and act of goodwill will cost them millions when patrons vote with their feed and choose other dining establishments. Just think what happens to the share price when sales continue to show the downward trend.

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    • This company has done the right thing for years. I am up like 80% in 2 years plus dividends! Dividends increase too! I feel quite certain that everyone here on this topic, who is saying sell, has never owned a share of this company. You want the company policy to be standing out front giving out free food? This is a business, surprise, that is in business to make money, another surprise to so many, and pay owners a dividend. The policy is customers pay for food. That's it. That means if you want free food, ask Obama or the local food pantry. I am sure this company donates to local charities in their areas. They pay the fair local going rate for labor, or no one would work there, another surprise. All these Marxist, Leninist Socialists without a shred of common sense. Change jobs, move where good ones are, I have done that all my life. Cuba can use some of you people, but even they won't accept these lazy good for nothings who want $100 an hour to give out free food. Sell the shares please. I want to increase my position below $100 a share. I am sure none of you retired at an early age either. Work til death, its the socialist way, hahahaha

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    • Looks like BKW may have just alienated a lot of their customers. Whats up with business trying to mix politics...?

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    • How many pieces of pure junk can I purchase from Cracker Barrel? Answer? Anything they sell. I walked into a store a few weeks ago and found myself immersed in a world of junk designed for consumers flush with cash. Instead we have out of work people faced with begging for tartar sauce for their tin can cooked fish. And Cracker headed management fires a greeter for being compassionate?

      Guess what investors...... TIME TO DIVEST ONESELF FROM THIS STONEHEARTED MANAGEMENT TEAM. Watch this event build if they don't stop it now. But is CORPORATE AMERICA capable of understanding feelings OR hunger? I will bet against this bunch of corporate fools. That action was STUPID.

      We will see. Me? I SEE selling here. Hard and heavy selling. Monday AM finds selling as much as possible and then watch the event build. This should be good for a good ten of twenty fast points........

      Expensive corn muffing. Too funny.

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      • This corn muffin probably cost 10 cents at most. If management was so bright they'd look at it that even with Joe's minimum wage job, this was the equivalent of 1 minute of working time. So they go fire the guy, who appears to be the wholesome grandfatherly type image they want to portray, and now they'll have to train someone else and it will cost them more there. Sure it was against policy, but I'm sure there are a ton of other instances where common sense is overruled in that respect. Cracker Barrel is going to take a hit on this, they already have declining traffic, something like this could set off the tipping point of further acceleration of losses there. This cronies at the top meanwhile install "rights plans" to prevent shareholders from buying stock on the open market. Management all needs to flushed at this company before they destroy it.

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