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  • wake1knowsequities wake1knowsequities Feb 28, 2002 6:51 PM Flag

    If you want to hear Peet's conference

    call from 5PM ET today. A replay is available at 1-888-203-1112 for a week.
    Punch in code #662693

    I'm not pushing any Peet at $15 a share! It's reached a nice level, and nice quick run from 6ish to $15ish since September! Awesome, but I was the bull on the board all through it!

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    • has tanked. It is in a state run by socialists. All you losers can now go home and commisurate with each other about how unfair greedy capitalists are. Meanwhile, life just passes you by penniless and believing in the falicies that the government is here to take care of you. As Bob Weir sang, "you are on your own."

    • When a person posts stock recomendations, his record MUSt be examined. It's called accountability. That is elemental.

    • What you call harassment is called free speech by most people. If you dont like getting caught in lies, don't lie. It's simple. I have a post of yours where you say you bought gmcr at 23"ish" . Within days it had fallen about $5.00 Your pics are the kiss of death for 9 out of 10 stocks....go right ahead and insist. I enjoy an opinion also. IMO you are a liar and a fool. Here is a second opinion. You are also a hypocrite.

    • My cost basis is under $20 on this to iggey_nore...this one used the s word on other forums which is a TOS violation, does not offer thoughts on stocks, buy, sell, hold or I don't know what you're talkin about..??? I enjoy and respect an opinion...Do we like SBUX at $23, PEET at $15, or this one at $18?? I like this one at $18. I've had to report iggey_noir due to harassment and vulgar language on the PEET forum. Best to ignore, but I will insist the ID be elimininated as to an obsession with Wakem that just follows me around.

    • wakem, you are stupid. Stock boards are nothing BUT "he said she said". How can you ignore any statement; that's all boards are. If you don't like getting caught in lies, don't lie. It's simple.

    • you bought at 23 and it dropped like a rock.

    • this ID for harassment to the forum....This is bull. Let's talk about stocks here and not he said she said. Come on and grow up iggey....What's the future for GMCR at $18. Peet at $15. and SBUX at $23..huh???? Stop the BS!

    • They are better than that because they know you just do imaginary trades. And even those are ridiculous..e.g. you said you sold some peet at 14 to buy gmcr, which then went down $5.00. That is why people ignore you: that and the fact that your are an asshole.

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      • I expect this share to bounce around $17-20 for the next 6 months. I think the institutionals have lost interest loosing notoriety of the free press on the CEO/Company being one of the best in the small caps, and the momentum players dropping out. For a guy that jumped in the game at $31 and $18, I don't expect to enjoy a bounce until Nov-Dec. My only other concern is the unseasonal warm weather versus last year curtailing consumption. Unless they pick up a BIG new contract in a decent channell I don't expect any big pops until later this year. I like the CFO coming in from GE... he will watch costs, develop performance metrics, and tie people to accountability. GE guys know shareholder return. Also they will hit institutional radar screens if they continue their consecutive streak of over delivering on earnings to concensus.


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