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  • vinayaswath vinayaswath Jan 6, 2012 4:50 PM Flag

    Does Anyone know...

    When the case/lawsuit against GMCR is going to be over or is it just starting with no definitive end date in sight???

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    • The company had less than 13 million in cash on hand after last quarter.

      Green Mountains burn rate is around 200 million a quarter!Remember, this company hasnt dropped a dollar to the bottom line in over 8 years.ALl of this while tremendous growth has been touted!The company is being forced to pay for lawyers and still "GROW A COMPANY".These accounting tricks Green Mountain has provided are well known and institutional investors are NOT WILLING TO CONTINUE TO THROW GOOD MONEY AFTER A GIMMICK OF A COMPANY!

      Continue to hold to your long dream at your own peril!

    • all I know is gmcr will be $32 before weeks end

    • I call BS. You have insider info about being declined liquidity and you are making that comment on a yahoo message board? That sounds like a good way to get yourself locked up...

      The reality is banks provided upwards of $1B to close the recent acquisitions AFTER the sec inquiry and restatement were announced.

      This news is so old I can't believe we are still talking about it.

    • The SEC recently completed an investigation and found no reason for further action ...
      The lawsuits appear to be in default based upon the childish fighting between defensive attorneys, and the lack of specifics ... IMVHO
      In lawsuits such as this, this only ones that " make money " are the attorney's, on retainer by it's clients, bringing suit against GMCR...

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      • If your referring to the Forbes article on dueling plantiffs please keep in mind it's only the Burlington free press opinion. With that said, yes, I'm long. At first I felt GMCR management should have responded, however, if you think about it, the SEC is the only court they have to answer to and with no response from the SEC this should speak volumns. As far as our so called market "Watch Dog" Herb Greenberg who's craves attention by pounding his chest for two + years, who probably was told by his boss I need more TV ratings or Ahorn, who probably end up on the TV show "American Greed" some time in the future. These two clowns have managed create an unfounded rumor mill and we know the Market flip flops on which way the wind blows. Believe me, I too would like to see an end to this one way or the other. let me finish by saying I find it fastenating that GMCR competitor are trying to copy what GMCR has, and the shorts call this a fly by night appears GMCR competitors don't share the same thought procss.

      • Please send the link that the SEC found nothing wrong? It is my understanding that it is still an active investigation

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