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  • nicknguyen3410 nicknguyen3410 Mar 22, 2012 8:42 PM Flag

    Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha Keep Bashing GMCR

    Everyday they both keep posting articles that bashing this stock. Why???? They even disclaimed that they do not own nor plan to trade this stock. So why they keep spending time to bash it. Do they get pay to do that? Maybe
    Motley Fool and Seeking Alpha is Paid Bashers.

    GMCR is a Strong Buy

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    • it's common for a short to pay a writer to put a negative spin on a stock. as mentioned it gets attention for the media too.

    • As noted, SA reviews what is submitted and publishes articles its editors deem interesting and well written. They published my article, which was favorable to GMCR:

      Also, as to MF, there are bears and bulls. There is one guy (Rick A) who regularly writes favorably to GMCR.


    • both motley and seeking alpha calls have been crap at best......they must be short trying
      to bash. They both are jokes!

    • Not quite sure about MF, but Seeking Alpha is just a financial blogging platform, basically, and "they" do not endorse or profit (AFAIK) from particular viewpoints expressed by the published authors/bloggers. If SA were short GMCR and biased in that direction, they certainly would not have accepted saltman's wonderful, highly educational piece "Starbucks: Where is Your Courtesy?" from the other day.

      I've seen articles that are positive, negative and everywhere along the spectrum for GMCR and other stocks I'm involved with in both venues.

      For some reason, the shorts do seem to be the ones who put more effort into getting their views published, though. Perhaps the most literate longs just don't feel the effort of penning a positive article is really worth the trouble. I don't know, but I'm sure glad saltman decided it WAS worth his time. If I was able to put as coherent a business argument together, I'd be submitting articles to SA... but I'm not that good at it. I hope some other longs who CAN put this type of financial argument together find a way to rise to the occasion, on occasion...

    • its just Bloggers who know they get more attention bashing. Article by rich smith writes: The Mountaineers are at it again. This is in reagrds to shares going up. But Green Mountain didn't do anything, it was Starbucks who announced that they want to expand its relationship with GreenMountain

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