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  • mani_v_bea mani_v_bea Jul 24, 2012 5:22 PM Flag

    As predicted -Einhorn Lost in Appl now..

    He has some friends, a convicted felon and some shorts like Herb ,hedge funds like HDGE and the longshorttrader who have lost money shorting and longing same stocks as he did. All of them introduced selling pressure when some brokerage firm "might" have tipped of Stiller's Margin account details and how to force-sell his 5 mil shares. The bet some shorts have is the same, they want to get the stock price below 13 to trigger more margin calls. But things have changed since Stiller's margin got invoked and it is only logical for the board to not let this happen again. Some big funds on the short side are relying on rolling puts to kick in, but what they fail to understand is that more than 25 % of the float is already short and the pressure is more on the up side. Earnings and guidance are going to be strong but what is more important is to manage the stocks of Stiller.

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