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  • thoughful14 thoughful14 Jul 24, 2012 6:27 PM Flag

    As predicted -Einhorn Lost in Appl now..

    The kid is a self made billioanire who made his money by running a successful hedge fund.
    Whether you like him or not he moves marketss.

    The best and the brightest on Wall street are long aapl and you hammer him because people are waiting for the new iphone

    People like you and MANI are clearly little people who buy odd lots and are just clueless nobodies.

    No need to reply I wont be reading


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    • Thoughtful:

      Are you on the short side now? From what I remember last Fall, you and I had many conversations when I held puts from 110. You were amongst the staunchest of supporters, so I am somewhat surprised by this post -- it seems you may have given up and reversed.

      I am actually on the long side now. Small position. Actually, tiny compared to all my shorts in this market. But, I always liked the company and thought they took the right strategic actions to preserve long term value for shareholders post patent expiration. I think we are witnessing a long capitulation squeeze now and like being on the contrarian side of things...



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      • Tech I sold most of my shares at 106 then again ariound 81 when Einhorn started blasting away. The last bunch at 50ish.

        I have a large position in aapl, WPI, ABT and QCOM amongst other stocks.
        GMCR was a dream for me but I knew it was time to get out.
        To many unanswered questions. I had a GREAT run with GMCR and wish my "old friends: here good luck. For me GMCR was the dream investors wait for. I bought Jan 2008 and held thru two spilts before selling

        I don't read this board much but had to answer some of these "boorish posters.

        AAPL is a great buying opp. People have to look past all of this and wait to IPHONE%.

        Good luck!

    • THOUGHTFUL, I appreciate your insight. But AAPL FAILED. It used to be a great company under Steve Job's leadership. I don't think they would be able to survive for long. Great Company AAPL? How about GMCR? Just because Stille's shares were caught in a margin call, Einhorn made money. But what is wrong with the company fundementally?

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