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  • super.linux super.linux Oct 17, 2012 9:45 AM Flag

    KRAFT, MCD and DNKN coffee tastes like sewer water

    its like comparing bmw to ford

    GMCR is the only comparable to SBUX

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    • GMCR, BKW Starbucks, Green Mountain down after Burger King launches specialty coffees

      its almost comical now how they compare every garbage coffee distributer to SBUX and GMCR

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      • Competition has been introduced & we'll see who the dominant player is (personally I believe in the 1st to market theory!)

        We've got a few more years of high growth with GMCR (SJM/Folgers not making any noise & SBUX hedging their bets with continued GMCR relationship.)
        Between strong licensing & international growth & the SEC problems being dealt with by management in a swift & sure manner (up, up, up...)

        I was in a Starbucks yesterday & they didn't even have Verisimo's on display.
        The manager said they were only putting them only in preferred stores & this one was at a Tanger outlet which was packed with customers (go figure?)

        They did have a brochure for the Verisimo (why I'll never know) & between reading that & seeing the reviews on the machine I think it's an epic fail.
        My sister has one of their old Barista machines & she & I love the resulting cup it produces.
        I think they should stick to the traditional espresso/cappuccino maker segment (no worries for Keurig!)

        Burger King jumps on the bandwagon with Seattle's Best (I guess Seattle's Best couldn't get a deal with GMCR.)
        BK has such a fragmented menu (burritos - puleeeze - stick to your knitting/burgers BK!)
        Granted the Cinnabon thing may attract a few early morning eat a cinnamon bun the size of a sofa customers with a cup of Seattle's best but I doubt it since all I ever see in there (research only; not to eat) is geezers with a cheap cup of Joe.

        Looked at BB & Beyond, Target, Best Buy, Dillards, WalMart & saw Keurig up front & center with a smattering of lesser offerings & I believe that even IF someone buys a competing machine the majority will walk out with GMCR K-Cups to use in it...

        Still long @ $17 and change & wishing the shorty's would make one more run down to those levels so I could load the truck down to the axels!

        Sentiment: Buy

      • NSRGY aka NESTLE is a 'garbage coffee distributor'? Yeah right, whatever...

    • the longer we stay at these levels the higher it will go within next 6 months

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