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  • southbuckeye southbuckeye Dec 6, 2012 11:39 AM Flag


    "Have a nice holiday season". Am I reading too much into the post? It could be interpreted that you're taking a break from this board. I hope I'm reading it wrong. This board needs persons posting intelligent thoughts and full paragraphs of information as opposed to a one sentence rant that is too common around here.

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    • I concur. I have been following GMCR for over 5 years now, and find Squeezetracker's commentary very well thought out and useful.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • I missed this last week, but thanks for the comments and thanks to both of you and the several others here making the dialogue worth the time. southbuckeye's $37 thread consolidates a lot our our current thinking on current valuation and timing related topics.

        OT DC editorial (rumblers)

        Speaking of thought out and hopefully useful: Unless the DC clowns get the cliff resolved, the entire market (incl GMCR) is on trek for a header from 1000 feet.

        Anyone with serious assets who voted for Obama should by now be smelling the coffee and questioning that choice. The rest of us with a little coin, dem or rep, don't think of 52% as a mandate for anything. And how about his ideas on being bipartisan? "My way or FY" is S, and the longer version is like this: "We've got the current polls so unless they agree to my 98% idea on tax cuts and removing the debt limits permanently and maybe later we'll have a look at thinking about spending and tax code reforms, well, we're gonna try to pin the tail on the donkey" constitutes being bipartisan -- so much for serious effort to reach across the aisle. If he and Geithner take us off the cliff, they will ruin the nascent economic recovery and snatch a deep recession and completely unnecessary turmoil for many -- perhaps especially the 98% -- out of victory.

        While I think the far right is equally lame, let's hope Obama takes his head out of his #$%$ and spends some of his "political capital," such as it is, by coming back to Boehner with a serious, good faith proposal to take a whack at entitlements. Obama's preferred trek -- raise taxes on the "wealthy" and don't touch any of the entitlements because the far left and unions don't want to hear of it -- is the pathway that led to the destruction of Greece... hello????

        The reality is that to unleash the power of U.S. corporations toward creating growth, jobs tax revenues and prosperity, it may be close to as simple as the top 2% goes to 38% and capital gains and dividend rates go up to say 25% (not end all, just the idea) coupled with reasonable means testing for SS and medicare, and making it such that full benefits are only available to those 69 older with the changeover starting with say everyone under 50 as of 1/1/2014.

        Back to my tallest building in DC comment (obviously hyperbole to make the point.) Obama has no business taking a personal holiday to hawaii for a week without this deal done (with the three plane entourage and millions of wasted taxpayer dollars -- just head out to Camp David for a long weekend if you need it!) and says he won't go if a deal isn't done by 12/17... so I'd have him hold hands with Reid and Pelosi and also the three most vocal fringe right tea party gumps and let them be the honorable first group to walk the plank. Then we can have Dems and Repubs pair off and form a line to follow them off the five-story drop -- head first -- until the rest of them come up with a bona-fide agreement that takes immediate action to set us on a plan to reform the tax code and solve the country's looming fiscal and debt crisis. It is a big fuzzy ball, but the solutions and agreement to get real can be done in a few hours with leadership.

        Would everyone who understands the partisan left and right are a disaster and that we actually do need centrist thinking leadership to get this done please write their local newspaper editors and be heard/seek publication this weekend? I'll be doing just that with my ideas on resolution as outlined above.

        p.s. Someone from the left ought to explain to Obama that trying to blame republicans for ruining Christmas and the economy may seem like brilliant partisan politics, but it will be destructive for the country, his beloved unions and 98% (including the 50% of filers who pay no Federal taxes now and still will not under the cliff adjustments), and will accomplish transfer for about 3 minutes before eveyone figures out the entire mess was his, Reid's, Pelosi's and Geithner's responsibility to stop listening to the constituencies that would drive this country to be a mammoth Greece within 10 years.

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