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  • snorkle_man snorkle_man Dec 17, 2012 12:25 PM Flag

    Your short squeeze is over!

    Now it is time for the J@@ws to do some squeezing of their own!

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    • You are an idiot on several counts.

      First, FY for your bigoted slur. I have many Jewish friends and for the most part of my life experience, jews are great, ambitious, family-oriented people. Guys like you deserve all the grief you bring onto yourselves.

      Second, there has been no short squeeze here. We've tried to explain on various threads that much of the short interest represents hedge offsets against larger long positions, and or downside bets hedged with short puts and long-dated calls. The committed shorts are not convinced of anything by last Q and so they remain in place... we think that will continue. You guys who think the stock is going to be seriously juiced up or down by panicky shorts miss the point that most of the professional shorts went on well above the current levels.

      Retail shorts? Assuredly most were unhedged, same as it ever was, and no doubt we've seen them crushed out since $23 on up.

      Here's our update: present levels are likely to attract new shorting.

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      • The problem is that the shorts who would like to "double down" at higher level have the same issue long have when buying a dip...I know, I did that twice with GMCR. I was unbelievably hard to hit the buy key when the knife was falling... But OH does it feel good now.

        Oh, one other thing, have you tried to borrow GMCR shares lately? Retails guys are not going to get any. One reason is institutional long have by now pull shares from the pool available for securities lending at their custodian. No specific knowledge this time, but I once sold Sec Lending for Bank One and have a reasonable understanding...

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      • Don't waste your breath on this idiot.
        He skims beneath the surface of humanity...

        Hey Snorkle; you can gargle my bag!

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      • How can you say that most shorts are on at higher levels, when this could not be the case based on the short numbers published. The short interest was 25 million on the way down in the 30's and mid 20's. It is now 50 million. There is no possible way 50% of the shares were shorted above 40.

    • Snort-man! Wake Up! Wake Up!... It's only a bad dream shorty.

      Going higher as every long here knows. Booyah!!

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    • you keep dreaming and pay the piper.

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