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  • bluebloodedtrader bluebloodedtrader Feb 11, 2013 9:10 AM Flag

    the reason for the premarket carnage

    the stock is getting slapped around in the premarket because Doughtery just downgraded it to a neutral stance.

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    • Doughtery (whatever they are) downgraded it but then The Street upgraded GMCR.

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      • Personally I think a few hedge funds and the MM are working jointly to are manipulate the price to keep their losses under control and run their algo programmes to over supply the genuine daily demand, and it also appears that the games are being played amongst themselves and us retail are often caught up witihin their machinations.
        I believe instittution and insiders hold now hold 93% & 18% respectiviely not to mention the retail holding. So most movements in PPS is controlled by the shorts churing thier holdings to renew their delivery dates and since the short interest in publicised forthnightly they have ample oppurtunity to increase/ decrease tthis SI and yet give an impression that the SI has decreased.

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    • Doughtery is a nobody who has been more wrong than right!! And, for those who love Cramer and The Street, just out before the opening as well (before Doughtery's news) upgraded the stock to a buy!!! Although, I personally am not a real believer in Cramer either ---- go figure!!! Guess we will have a just wait and see!!!

    • Who the heck is Doughtery? Never heard of them. Do they pull that much weight?

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      • After the ER 1st Qtr 2012, there were allegations of stuffing. We all know certain sales were brought forward from the 2nd Qtr 2012.
        This last ER reported, better inventory management, only 1 months K-Cups in stock, 22% increase in K-Cupssales volume and 4.6M Keurigs sold. If there was any truth in sales being brought forward then the growth rate for revenues, K-Cup sales, brewers, and EPS are in reality understated if no such sales were brought forward from the 2nd Qtr 2013.
        It is likely that sales and EPS growthhave been understated by atleast 7-8%

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