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  • spfrb spfrb Mar 23, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    Who thinks "goldenseth" is a dumbo?

    This thread is for folks to opine about whether "goldenseth" is a dumbo, or just a manipulator?

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    • oops- meant to say "perjorative" - my auto -correct needs correcting, LOL!

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    • meant to say JUST used the word "manipulator"--- "dumbo" is perforative and was not necessary-- "manipulator" sort of just describes what he does with these schizophrenic articles of his

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    • spfrb, you should have used the words "manipulator." He really is a small-time version of David Einhorn, except he goes both long and short at different times, posting "articles" supporting his thesis (and position) of the day, with little if any disclaimer regarding his investment. I wonder if he has already drawn attention of the SEC?

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    • You're a jerk to start an ad hominem attack. Please keep your comments only about GMCR.

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      • markjackson597 Mar 23, 2013 2:25 PM Flag

        I agree with perho! You're a true putz! First, goldenseth offered an unbiased report on what he is seeing at retailers in that article. It's not his fault this is what's going on. He has been long and short on the stock at many times. He's been lucky enough to be right mostly. I don't short because its too risky to me, but I've always gone long on his long calls and made money.

        P.S. spfrb, when you can do better then you can criticize in a respectful manner. Until then shut the hell up!

    • goldenseth Mar 23, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

      This is truly cute. LULU: big short since $77, MNST: last year's winner short from $62, GMCR: long at $43 took profits just over $50. Short at $57 and $56, covered. SODA: long at $29.60 last year sold at $50, long again at $46.60.

      Go ahead and poke the bear, I know the company's I invest in, backward and forward. I know what the order flow and POS numbers are adding up to in the quarter. I wish everyone the best, but I'm fairly certain this is a rather tough quarter for the company although they do have leverage in the system to mitigate modest retail orders. I simply think it comes down to guidance and with this consideration, I'm not as optimistic but good luck with your juvenile postings; never served anyone well. I doubt Baron's or IBD think I'm a dumbo, but wait, nobody subscribes to them lol!

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      • First off sethy, you got the short on MNST from the riccaro quotient.(signaled first at 68, BEFORE that crummy earnings report and investigation news). You read my comments, you were tracking me like a bloodhound. That was right before you, other low life writers and editors from seeking waldo got be banned because my signals made all you guys look like chumps. And here you are shooting off your mouth bragging like a child in the school yard. I can see why you only charge 39.99 for a subscription. A man knows the value of his work. I spent that much on lunch today. you need to act professional, son.

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