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  • wwtimewarp2000 wwtimewarp2000 Sep 26, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    If you are a STILL a GMCR Bear...

    and you followed Tilson AND Einhorn...AND then you followed guys like Lamensdorf, Crazy Eddie's criminal brother and Greenberg every day UP for 300%+...AND then you justified your horrendous short GMCR call at $20 by once again listening to yet another Bear like Eisenberg at $75, and decided it was a good idea to put on another short position again, pretty sure you should just hang it up and seek counseling. Because you haven't a clue. Better yet, just brew a k-cup, kick back and relax and finally GET IT. You've listened to these guys so why not listen to some other no-name wannabe from a finance message board. Better advice than you'll get from any of the above. Stamp it to your forehead.

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    • So Einhorn says still lots of ways he can profit being short GMCR. He is still short...from $20. So he still must expect it to go to 0. Makes a lot of sense. Really.

    • Yeah,,,I didnt listen to any of those fellas however I shorted at an average price of 105 and rode it to 40......Twas a great ride and now Ill ride it back to 20 in the comming year..............LOOOAAADDD uPPPP PIE GUY.....

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      • You made my day. Sooo funny. Good luck with $20. Ha, ha.....

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • $20 would be great. Nothing would surprise me with this stock. And I would certainly buy there AGAIN. Token buy here for a trade into next week. First long trade attempt on the name in a few months. But outside of that, I'll patiently await a gap fill attempt from 59-67. If this trade gets rolled, which I fully expect to occur, should be a swift, healthy correction in the stock. Been a banner 2013 for me and the winners have already been booked.

        Was just having a little fun above. The Bears just put these same tired reasons on repeat. I lost count on the number of times I see a 'hearing k-cup sales are soft' headline cross the tape with nothing to back it up. The analysis never changes. It's the same old pile of worthless nonsense. Then again, I've been saying that for a very long time. The Bears have an opening for a trade. We all will wait and ride again. Because I imagine, those same Bears will not give up until they see double zero. The same way this stubborn Bull won't until there's at least a 1 in front of them.

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