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  • gerald_finneran gerald_finneran Jan 3, 2003 12:42 PM Flag

    More 401K money flowing into market

    All I know is that my 401K turned into a 201K last year. LOL!

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    • so you lost 50% of your 401K value last year? WOW! You must have very bad investment choices or and/or did a bad job diversifying. Granted, there are lots of people who bitch about losing lots of 401K value when they never diversified in the first place. Even funnier is the people who bitch about losing money on their employer matched dollars!! ROFL... Imagine laughin and being upset about losing money that was free to begin with!

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      • Honestly no, I did not lose 50% of my 401k value last year, but I did lose about 25% My problem is that I had a sizable chunk invested in Kopp Emerging Growth and other funds with a "tech" focus. The question I've struggled with is do I move my money out of that and into something more performant or keep accumulating at low share prices and wait for the fund to rebound (if it ever does...).

      • Now you are laughing at the working people who lost large amount of money in their 401K? You must be the most 'smart' person on Earth.

        Do you know how many of them have control over what's in their 401K!? Or let say you don't care about what is the %, as you always don't care about.

        Well, I don't know how a big parking lot attentdant's 401K goes, but I know that Majority of the 401K only have limited selections for their investment.

        Imagine laughin and being upset about losing money that was free to begin with!
        I don't really think you are in any position to laugh at anybody except yourself.