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  • gerald_finneran gerald_finneran Jan 3, 2003 12:59 PM Flag

    More 401K money flowing into market

    Honestly no, I did not lose 50% of my 401k value last year, but I did lose about 25% My problem is that I had a sizable chunk invested in Kopp Emerging Growth and other funds with a "tech" focus. The question I've struggled with is do I move my money out of that and into something more performant or keep accumulating at low share prices and wait for the fund to rebound (if it ever does...).

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    • 25% decline in 401K I believe is closer to the "norm" then 50%. I also have a part of the portfolio in emerging growth as well as overseas. Fortunately a good chunk was secured in bonds which dampened the impact of the past years. Longer term I would keep going investing in growth and the global economy. I would even cut down the bond position as the long term yields on such invesments will not do well IMHO as more and more of the US population tries to "secure" retirement. Long term medical related stocks will be a good bet from the aging world population.