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  • americanpipedream americanpipedream Mar 26, 2003 10:10 PM Flag

    Today at Macdill

    I looked on today as our president tried to put on a happy face. Believe me; he failed to come across as anything but worrisome and unconfident. Everyone here noticed his tentative demeanor. When that man had to look into the faces of those he was willing to sacrifice he could hardly look them in the eye. Everyone was talking about how he appeared to be unsettled and a lot of the people that listened to his speach used a very strange word as to how he appeared to be acting today. The word was fearful. Part of it could have been because this was his first trip since the war began. You have to understand, when you look at things on paper, or plan certain strategies; it takes on a whole new meaning when you see some of the carnage your actions have caused. I actually felt somewhat sympathetic towards him as he looked like a man that had looked at himself in the mirror and didn�t like what he saw staring back at him. I question whether this is a man that keep himself emotionally stable for the lengthy situation he is committed us to going forward.

    I had always looked at this man as a person of little conscience �until today� but my heart goes out to him. My only question is, �has this man bitten off more than he or we can chew�? Time will tell! Don�t start what you can�t finish. I�m not referring to just Iraq. I�m talking about the long range goals of this administration.

    Anyone read a book by Samantha Power called �A problem from hell�? $6.95 through I just ordered 5 copies to distribute to some people that are readers. You might give it a whirl.

    My best to all, APD

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