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  • invest2bfree invest2bfree Jul 23, 2004 5:11 PM Flag

    Stop calling it War On Terror!

    Says the 9/11 commision.

    Brain washed right wing nut cases go read the 9/11 report. This is an intelligence war and cannot be won by tanks.

    Read the book "Imperial Hubris" and you will see how futile our strategy against terrorism is.

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    • UHhhh. That's not exactly news.

      Re: Stop calling it War On Terror!
      by: nfny_thunder 07/26/04 09:19 am
      Msg: 239588 of 245495

      Ok. So I'm a chickenshit and you're an enlightened young board warrior who has all the answers. Good for you.

      Posted as a reply to: Msg 239587 by nfny911_alert

    • Funny how we haven't heard too much of the "Saddam was once our friend" mantra. This never meant anything to anyone with sense anyway, after all Stalin was our ally at one time too, wasn't he?

      Bed partners are not something that the Dems want to talk about now because of our previous administrations use of the "Arab Nazi's" to help us out with the Serbian issue in Bosnia. The Arab Nazi's have always been for hire since World War 2. After fighting for the Nazi cause across Europe, they have always been ready for willing. The Chechnyans sided with Hitler against Russia and the Bosnian Muslims did the same, nearly exterminated the pro "ALLIE" Serbs and would have succeeded if not for the end of WWII and the Serbs protection from Russia. After the demise of the Soviet Union, all hell broke out in Bosnia.

      The British also used these murderers for hire against Israel and lo and behold, we've used them in our effort against the Serbs in Bosnia. Imagine the countries outrage when they find out that we were in bed with Al Qaida in Bosnia. Back in the 80's at least Saddam wasn't an enemy. The Clinton admin got in bed with a group that was at war with us and had already begun attacking us.

      Old Sandy said that it was all an accident. He accidently stuffed the archive documents down his pants. He also accidently misplaced a few pages. How do you think the 911 commission would have reacted to the fact that were about to be uncovered that we were working with Al Qaida? No wonder he was sent on a mission to remove the archives. Or does the left believe that he just happened to show up there by cooincidence, stuff papers down his pants and then accidently lose something that he went through so much trouble to steal. (They probably will).

      Welcome back to the Clinton Administration. I already have deja-vu as I hear some of the lame excuses about this dirty deed. "This may have been a stupid mis-step, but nothing illegal". I'm waiting for the "definition of what is, is" or "no controlling legal authority" or "no legal presedence for stuffing documents down your pants" defense.

      Deja vu all over again.

    • Won't be long until you can travel to Waco to worship with Texas stupid. Maybe you can join his Sunday school class. He can tell you what it was like to be a war president.

    • Excellent post. They just don't get the necessity of fighting a war against an entirely different type of enemy in an entirely new way. The basic perspective of the left is that anyone who disagrees with them, demands specific answers as what they would do differently, agrees with Bush on a redneck/nascar/trailer idiot. Gay is Ok. Abortion is a right. (/11 was a Bush conspiracy. Saddam wasn't so bad. Higher taxes are GOOD. Clinton wasn't to blame. The deficit was created by Bush because he likes to spend irresponsibly. The economy is bad and getting worse. A President who expresses his Faith is dangerous. Corporate money controls the Repubs...but the Dems are the working man's party. Whoopi is the heart of America. Nader is a scumbag.
      The bullshit is neck high.

    • Scary to see the amount of time spent posting crap on this board. I see the trio of misinformation has been at it over the past few days.

      BDMACG should stick to copy and pasting other people's thoughts instead of constantly displaying his ignorance, inability to respond to simple pointed questions and inability to retain any point that contradicts his diatribes. I'll try one more time...

      <BDMACG - If the USA wanted to fight Islamic Fundamentalism we should have finished the job in Afghanistan, gone into IRAN, Yemen, Sudan and cut off the funding to the madrasas from Saudi Arabia. The problem is that there wasn't any oil in Afganistan.>

      LOL! Ever hear of the Central Asia Gas (CentGas) & oil proposed pipeling? You better go talk to Mikey Moore. Maybe he can fill you in. After all, according to Mikey, that was the reason that we went into Afghanistan in the first place. The Taliban and Osama were just scapegoats. Funny, I remember back then Mikey was wondering why we were wasting time on Afghanistan when we had a sworn enemy that was preparing to blow us up residing in Baghdad. LOL!
      And you say that the right has a consistency problem?

      <He was a secular dictator that was boxed in by UN resolutions/sanctions and a US/Brittish No-Fly Zones. >

      That was effective? Starving Iraqis, leaving a murderous dictator who invaded another country in power? Creating UN programs that allow Saddam to skim money in return for UN kickbacks all while starving the Iraqi people?

      As usual, you and Mikey were all wet with your conspiracy theories. We've not taken over Afghanistan and raped its resources, nor have we done that in Iraq. We were all told that we would never restore power back to the Iraqis. First, the "left" asked for a date. When that was given, the "left" critisized for having a date and said it would never be met. Wrong again.

      You'll need to come up with some new conspiracies to keep the anti-American lowlifes happy. You don't need to put much effort into it. They're not too bright and will accept anything, no matter how dillusional.

    • Look...the target is Islamic Fundamentalism....and IRAN is it's stronghold and promoter. You misread the intent of the sentence.

    • >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
      I accept the idea that human beings want to live freely and peacefully. I accept the fact that if we stick with our effort to create freedom and prosperity in Iraq, we have a chance to AWAKEN millions of Muslims to the need for fundamental change WITHIN their societies.

      Is it just me or does this sound like a similar argument for going into vietnam. Never ever there is a good reason to go to war other than self defense.

      Unfortunately we are in there and we cannot get out now.

    • That's it? That's the best you can come up with? That's schoolyard stuff. Geez....go play your Stevie Vai crap and dream of sex with an American girl.

    • You read your mindset into my words. Typical of consumers of leftist pap. I didn't claim that Saddam was an Islamic Fundamentalist. I said that I accepted that by taking out Saddam, we were offering the Iraqui people an OPPORTUNITY to establish a free and prosperous Iraq....and that THAT will hopefully lead to change throughout the muslim societies. The oil logic is nonsense.

    • I'm a PIG? What does that mean to you?

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