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  • i_drive_mgmt_crazy i_drive_mgmt_crazy Jul 27, 2004 11:15 AM Flag

    Mike Lawrie

    I am amazed. In the past 9 months, this stock has lost half its value, missed earnings and named a new CEO. Does anyone want to talk about those things?

    Any comments on Mike at the helm? Is it different? Is morale improving, is the leadership changing?

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    • "we will be fine stand alone".

      You are livign in denial or are very unaware of the changing CRM marketplace.

      As for IBM / SAP, I have worked for both SAP very recently) and have a pretty clear understanding of the problems/ ties the two have. With SAP, the myth is always so much bigger than the reality.

      If you think Oracle is causing you problems now. look out because they have been hiring SAP exers in force-- and for the first time - getting some good players. An ex VP just went over to help the team that is focused on SAP customer acquisitions and some former SAP Prez club members are also on board.

    • Morale gets worse by the day. ORCL has driven the prices so low we can't make money and it it now all about cost cutting. They question things like what type of coffee we have in the break room. It sucks. I miss 1999

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      • Thanks for the reply. Is there a major overhaul going on, or do you feel like they are only concerned about cost cutting?

        I ask because if it is just cost cutting, and no other reorg, Mike is likely getting the company ready for takeover. With the share price down so low, they are becoming very appealing to IBM.

      • WE all miss 1999. We are all cost cutting. Do you have a good management team? Or is it just churn and burn like they have no idea what they are doing?

        I'd like to know what affect Mike is having. The IBM culture is kind of disturbing for most software folks. If you come from Coca Cola it is okay, but if you come from Big 5, it sucks. Just ask PWC or Monday or whomever they were before IBM ruined, I mean bought the company. Does Mike exude the IBM culture?