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  • paradigmwizard paradigmwizard Dec 24, 2008 1:46 PM Flag

    2009 will be our breakout YEAR!

    I'm making the following BOLD statements today:

    * 2009 will be our breakout year.

    * We will be trading over $1 by January 31, 2009.

    * We will be OTCBB upgraded from the pinks by March 31, 2009

    * Cash infusion of $15M+ to further research into the clean up of Nuclear Reactors

    Call me crazy but I've been look into my crystal ball...

    Merry Christmas.

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    • Lobbyists and greenbacks are wonderfull things to have around in the presence of politicians. Most people do not know how important a backscratch to a politician is to them...a few do.

      Patty and Christine are both desperately looking for some money today....many others in other states too.

    • It's amazing how many "different"types of isotopes are offered by AMIC.The relationship with government officials were only an example of how to "get on"the money trail.35 years ago,an aquaintance of mine decided to "donate"a little money to a state senator.While everyone else in that particular buisness suffered at the time(1980's)his buisness grew 100 fold.Today his opperation has expanded to Brazil and beyond,all started by government loans.Entertainment dollars and donations go a long way my friend.Because of the buisness your in,you must convince important people what you have is needed.

    • I have almost nothing to sell, so wrong on that count. Governors and state legislators bring little value to deals AMIC needs. Sales to individuals or organizations who need the isotopes and are within the service area are the key. FDG is the main isotope from Kennewick. They discuss others, but FDG is what they have and can produce. FDG needs to be sold within about a 3-4 hour (drive) radius. So far, other than Kadlec, this has not happened. Fortunately, I do not believe that AMIC is counting on FDG to make its numbers....

    • I just went to the AMIC website and listened to James Katzaroffs' presentation and he said"we are engaged in the production and delivery of medical isotopes".I went further and clicked on "Medical Isotope List" and my God they offer a gazillion types of isotopes.If they are so rare in this country,why aren't we selling them like Rimm was selling Blackberries?Isn't there a dire need for these isotopes?And,I see on the map we are to open 3 more locations?How?Do we have the funding?We have a CEO that certainly sounds knowledgable.

    • isotopeguy...good points.Your post isn't what I want to read.ha ha...Sounds to me like you already sold.In the money game it's important to know state officials.Go to fund raisers,play golf,donate to their favorite charities.Show your face.I wonder if Katzaroff does any quail hunting with his state representative.Try the governors aid.You have to get to someone..or already have a white knight with a checkbook.If something is afoot with this company they are doing a fine job of keeping it a secret.Show me some progress!

    • Hey,I like the post.

      Who out there thinks that engineers make good businessmen/salesmen? Anyone? They are called engineers for a reason. Instead of giving themselves big options payouts that might be worth nothing in 5-10 years how about taking a salary and hiring someone who can build a business. Do not dilute the stock with options because then investors will not buy the stock to pay for great people moving the company forward in the real world.

      I have 6 engineers that work in my office in Seattle. They do not go out and get the money, I do with my sales guys. We play engineers when we are talking with our clients and then we go to our engineers and get the straight poop. Our clients like our answers because they are direct and to the point, also honest and reasonable. Then we go play golf and drink. They cut the checks and then we build product and they make money with our product. Simple..done deal...we all ake a bunch of money. It is simple and yet complex but the engineers never get to go to meetings and sell. That is not what the client or we want.

      The first key to building a business is identifying a market and then implementing a strategy to deliver to that market. I have never met an engineer that could do that. Engineers like calculators and a lot of sht most of us do not understand. Buyers do not understand those details like engineers, nor want to know the details, and sellers usually don't either. Buyers and sellers understand product market and value.

      They need a business/sales manager that looks good, smells good and is minimally respectable. Reputable and trustworthy sales and management experience is even better. Like I said give me a crash course and I will sell ice to Eskimos and deliver. I am a dime a dozen but I look good, smell good and don't care about the rest...I am honest and that is huge.

      Speaking of deap pockets. If Miss Gregoire, or whatever her name is, likes the firm so much then what is the viability of getting some of that government money. The slush fund will be in the state's budget soon. At least that is what some think of the Obama USA infrastructure bailout fund coming down the line. They always show a good face and a lot of talk but 99% of the time it is 120% BS.

      I fear that once again an engineer has tried to build a company and gotten over his/her head with everything that has to do with product and forgot, or never knew, what it takes to build a business. Capital is where everything starts and ends. How do you get it? Engineers are not where you go to gain that knowledge.

      Concerning, but I will hang on. I will be in Tri Cities soon and will check in while at Hanford. Do not expect a post from my visit...sorry.

    • I just heard that money is extremely tight and that if the purported $15,000,000 does not materialize within the next few weeks, certain planned expansions will not occur and cutbacks will become necessary, difficult with a staff of 9. There is no sales and/or marketing staff. There is one part time person responsible for these tasks and this person lacks the requisite knowledge and experience to succeed. If ADMD moves into prostate seeding (Cs, Pd, I), the current sales person does have experience and contacts at fairly high levels, but that move depends upon some negotiations currently beyond the capability of Mr. K.

      It seems a shame that with the world class technical advisors ADMD has access to, better and more profitable strategies and tactics are not presented to management. The Kennewick center is likely far over budget and with a limited market, is not likely to become profitable in 2009 or 2010. Decent technology in the hands of mediocre or uninformed management will not help build a successful company. Note: Really deep pockets are required to play in the radioactive waste ballgame. I just do not see those pockets here.

      There is still time for a turn around, but it needs to start very soon. Not sure management sees the path

    • This is all common knowledge and old news. WMS has a good point on the options, and their maturity date is important. That information is available on their earnings report if that is real. They haven't made that public via the SEC. I believe the maturity dates on these options is far enough out to not be a significant issue in the near term but I will have to go back and look. As far as $47 million shares float I do not think the 96 of us could get them but we could make a dent going straight to ADMD. Lets have a conference in the beautiful Tri Cities and plan to pool the money. Ha Ha. It has been a while since I owned an SEC reportable amount of shares in a company.

      It would be wonderful to have a bit more transperancy from ADMD.


      Go to the website and read the powerpoint under happenings presented at the ANS annual meeting on November 9-13.

      No one cares about the mountain! Have you ever been to Las Vegas? ADMD has nothing to do with it? Maybe not, but it is on their website. Interesting powerpoint! Do your own due diligence.

    • Taking this time to wish all a Merry Christmas..Very bold predictions Paradigmwiz..I hope your crystal ball is ball is a little foggy this morning.Someone must see something as to buy in the last day or so..we were hovering at a the years low..makes my account look a little sickly.

      • 2 Replies to wms70354
      • I bought 7,500 at $.30 on Monday. It was to cheep to not take advantage of lowering my average. I did like the volume and the resilience in the price today. I am not sure who is playing with this but over the last three trading days someone was dumping at a very low price. I guess they got tired of waiting for those earnings to go public. I can wait for another 5.5 months on it. It seams the gun is loaded and now ADMD just needs some good targets to aim for.

      • I was alerted to this stock by two physicists in my family! I also believe in the positive direction by the bold predictions by Paradigmwiz. This company is in a market where entry is extremely difficult (Numerous problems/shortages by foreign suppliers and very little US supply) and ADMD has aligned itself with being able to produce these valuable isotopes through various partnerships and through its own production facility. Also, down the line they should be able to produce newer and additional rarer isotopes leading the way to curing diseases and cancer. If they get $15M to research the cure for nuclear wastes, (I believe they have the technology/IP, remember the physicists forced me to look at this company)ADMD could go way above Paradigmwiz predictions. Take a look, Supplying domestic isotopes for diagnostic procedures, supplying isotopes for therapeutic procedures, newer isotopes for future cures, and a cure to not have Yucca Mountain (60 miles from Las Vegas) Wait until Nevada and the casinos find out about it. I am a bit more cautious about Paradimwiz predictions (time frame) but it wouldn't surprise me if it went way north of even his knowledge or crystal ball!
        Do your own due diligence! The science is important!

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