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  • isotopeguy isotopeguy Mar 10, 2009 6:13 PM Flag

    Quiet Board

    This board has been silent for awhile. Even the prolific posters have gone dark. Is there any news, good or bad? Any information will help

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    • Kind of "spooky"isn't it?We are in strange times where one doesn't have an outlook on the future.I think the country is waking up,yet still wiping the sleep out of their eyes sort of speak,as to how our government works.Markets are driven by a controlled media.We tend to "believe"what comes off the tube sence it is the " source"of where people attain there information.Problem is it all looks rehearst now.Look at charts and go back and see what was the headline for that day and you'll find a correlation to what drives markets.

    • I sold my position but check in from time to time for anything,news,sports,weather..any news on ADMD,anything.After holding for 10 or so years it was starting to annoy me...with this market being as it is,nothing happening to drive up the price.Capitol is had to come by in this type of economic enviroment...maybe I'm wrong,but if it dips more to unrealistic price to risk,I'll jump back in..who knows something just may be going on we don't know about.

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