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  • divalebbu divalebbu Jun 6, 2013 9:02 AM Flag

    I asked the question a year ago about this companies finances which are listed as about 6mil debt with little

    income and got insulted by what were evidently the blind true believers. Now I'll ask the question why is this stuff (leu) so hard to come by as implied by the sa author. An article on google finance describes this: Domestic Production of Medical Isotope Mo-99 Moves a Step Closer at Los Alamos. Google it to get the story. I'm open minded and unpretentious. Is there something I'm missing?

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    • Divalebbu it is hard to come by because the energy industry works on highly enriched uranium and they are not doing especially well right now. LEU is less common than HEU. ADMD works with the proper fuels from Hanford and can use those fuels to make Isotopes on a small, on demand basis. Currently ADMD service medical centers in its local Tri-Cities region. The challenge is the very short half life of these isotopes. ADMD needs to find quicker supply chains or establish localized isotope production centers near the medical facilities that need the isotopes. ADMD is working though all of these challenges and owns the necessary patents to implement a plan.

      You are not missing anything. The need is there and ADMD is working to fill that need!

      Watch out if Stanley Steamer or any of the others bears, the herd on team ignore, reply about radiogel and this or that. They do not do any DD and quite frankly know very little about what is going on.

      Good luck on the DD and your investments Diva.


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    • Simply put, There is more demand then supply and some of the major suppliers are going out of the business. The problem AMIC has is that it has almost zero funds to produce and sell isotopes. It has tried a few of these partnerships, Colorado and more recently GSG but they have never produced one penny of revenue. AMIC has little to offer in a partnership on isotopes. This is not going to change. Their only hope of staying alive is to get RadioGel approved and then do some kind of a deal with it. Its hard to make a successful business with almost zero capitol. The CEO pays himself more then the company earns in a year. Forget the isotope business, it hasn't worked in 7 years. RadioGel is the last hope and thats not looking very strong right now.

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