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  • papachomp papachomp Jan 31, 2014 1:53 PM Flag

    I don't want to hear it.


    So, just because analyst now says it's going to most likely get FDA approval doesn't mean it will jump to 1.00. Big deal. I still hold you to that Medplaywithyourself. I think by Monday it will only hit .25-.30 and taper off there till they get a sales team rolling. Still a loooooooong way till ADMD gets to status of ISR.

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    • where is this so called analyst giving these estimates?

    • Where is this analysts assessment? I haven't found it on my brokerage site or here, nor general web search. BTW, I agree there will be a pop if they get approval followed by a drop. The company will have to show they can bring together the necessary team to market. I've found it interesting that they intend to contract out the manufacturing. I know Wa state handing them over a million dollars to bring these therapies to market because they were told it would result in Wa jobs. If they contract out to someone out of Wa I think it may be hard for them to get future research funds from state gov.
      papachoomp, I saw that you came to these boards only after some posters here visited your site. I think it might of happened after I tossed ISR's name out. Sorry, no one wants their board cluttered. All this guessing at what is going to happen is distracting and pointless. I do appreciate the factual information.

    • im jacking it to the idea of this

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