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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Jan 31, 2014 8:43 PM Flag

    Alright A Moment of Boredom - Team Ignore

    Team Ignore. These nuts have been all wrong on ADMD:


    Now, I know it is hard to believe for any newbies but there is a group of posters, or one with 7 aliases, who actually have me on their alerts. They stop what they are doing and check out what I am doing here on ADMD message board.

    It all started a year or so ago. This was when the stock had made its run from .06 to .20, not the one you see it is on now, before that. So anyways we have been watching the company for a while now, like 7 years and I had gotten into some shares down low. Everything was going well, the stock was rising on lower volume than today and then it kind of started to run. Allong come a couple folks listed above at like .16-.18 and they are jazzed up. The stock had gotten to .20 and I posted that I thought it was a bit rich and that RadioGel was years off, which in hindsite was not to far off, well they got #$%$. Anyways, I said I was lightening up and they got mad. So what did the stock do? It crashed. It kept going down down down. They started selling around .14 and lower.

    So there was a hate thing for me. Then early/mid last summer the stock was trolling .10-.05 and me and some other dudes who you might know (Moto, Zippy and later Long) started comparing notes. We started buying a bit of stock. We were buying the thing down into the .03s. Team Ignore spent all ADMD moments just attacking us like crazy, we were going to lose all of our money, and the company was going to go bankrupt. Saying things like they "might" buy when it gets to two cents. We had the DD and the conversations and E-Mails to the company that they did not. Anyways, go look what the stock did. It is up to here now in 7-8 months. Now they really have the hate thing going.

    So when I say Team Ignore, the buy high sell low crowd, no DD or just plain tease them in my posts you will all understand why.


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    • #$%$! I forgot two of the team captains!


      How could I forget these two winners. Well you're on there now Sporto.


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    • There might be a name or two that I missed. The new negative nancies have not made the list yet but of course there is room. Any true longs out there that I forgot; you are welcome to suggest names I might have missed. The important part of a Teammate of Team Ignore is that you gotta put them on ignore like I do. Then you got it right. Sure you can see a post title but it is greyed out, their name and whatever else. It is fun and keeps the riff raff out of the way.

      ADMD is going up in price but it is way to low for Team Ignore to buy in. When they get giddy though remember that it could be a "tell" if your DD is not jiving with the share price. It is at that time serious considerations should be made to lighten your position. ;-)

      Right now it can be bought pretty safe in my opinion.


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