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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Feb 4, 2014 12:23 AM Flag

    Hey Moto-Long

    I have another buy order in. It is low but just in case someone makes the forbidden market order sell. I do not think that there will be much penetration of .08.

    Hey, on a lighter note, I am getting the impression that these negative nancies are just trying to squeeze out some shares to buy from maybe someone like you or me. They are a bit late short term speaking to the party and really want some six cent shares. They have no DD to back up their hopes for the lower share price so the just hope. Hope is a bad way to invest. They do not know the strong hands they are up against with the longs, insiders and greater shareholders of recent days past.

    They might figure it out but the realization often come after the stock moves up another fifty percent or so from here. Funny stuff when it happens to be true.


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    • moto1960 Feb 4, 2014 1:30 AM Flag

      SS, There is a chance that we may see $.08. A lot of that depends on timing of FDA updates and/or other positive news. If AMIC is dormant with regards to updates, and FDA doesn't respond in the near future, price could easily drift downward. I think that AMIC is selling into the volume and price to fund the business, which is understandable short term. After a while though shareholders are going to want to see the fruits of their investments. JMHO MDLAND~

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      • I know we will see eight. I am shooting lower than that. I do not think we will see much below that though. Not 6 of course. I am buying capitulation as I think we will see it before any news from the FDA. Buy low and sell high techniques only of course. I am sure that there are plenty in the last few weeks who only want to make money now on an FDA approval and can not wait long for it.


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