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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Feb 18, 2014 3:41 PM Flag

    I need some help!

    Will someone please fill my bid to buy more shares at $.08? Team Ignore, are you all out of shares? I need some here on the cheap at $.08.

    C'mon, where are the week hands? I know you are out there. Some of you posters really hate this company so just unload your shares on a market order. I need a bundle right now.

    Thank you in advance.


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    • Team ignore will never give up their .29 per share average they have been holding for 5yrs, the are stuck in deep crapo! Lol

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      • Oh, I know! You are like the first person Long that has posted on this thread that is not on Team Ignore. All I see is greyed out TI! It is hilarious that they have us on their alerts. They are so memorized by us that there could be news, an SEC filing or an approval and I think theyed totally miss it! They know nothing about ADMD and why to own it. There has never been a rational ADMD post from them ever! It's cool though. They are so ignorant there is absolutely no chance what so ever that an investor could be misguided by one of their posts. They are here purely for our entertainment. What will they think of next?

        Tell me, have they thought up any more good names for us? That Team Moron thing sure was stupid. There can only be one team and that is Team Ignore. Team Ignore was original and the only real team here at ADMD message board land. They are the buy high and sell low and whine about it team. No DD ignorant idiots. Good entertainers though, in fact great clowns.

        You buy any more lately or are you waiting for FDA approval capitulation like me?


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    • You need a lot of help #$%$. Crawl back under your rock now moron.

    • It is really getting tough to get the $.08 shares lately. I have my low bid in though just in case someone wants to place a market sell order! Only use limit orders of course. Otherwise you end up like Team Ignore and place a market order for shares and end up paying .12 a piece for them.

      Getting increasingly more difficult to get many shares down here. The $.08 base is building as we have seen for the last several weeks.


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      • Even though this base is forming up, and obvious at this stage, I still am making a short term bearish bet on the share price. I expect that weak hands still exist and that they will sell due to having to wait for in indeffinite period for news on FDA. For this reason I have my low bid in on the stock to get more shares. One of these "traders" or "bears" will dump and I want those shares on the cheap.

        The future is bright for ADMD in my opinion. I have seen too many dumps before right before favorable news and this stock should be no different.


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      • I think you are dumping shares. You keep forgetting, nobody else is as stupid as you are.

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