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  • medplay01 medplay01 Feb 22, 2014 3:13 PM Flag

    ADMD's Senior Consultant Heather Rosecrans, past Head of FDA 510k Program

    Got an email from Jim K this afternoon, everything is moving as expected. Qoute "our senior consultant Heather Rosecrans is very please with our progress".

    If she's on board, ADMD is in good hands. Google her, she's who you want in your corner.

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    • Medplay, this is good news. Jim is a cool guy. He will have a discussion with a shareholder like me and is never short with his discussion. He has E-Mailed me in the past as well when I have had good questions. It is this type of CEO that gets my interest in himself and the company. I made a decision some time ago to buy a bunch more shares of ADMD at .03-.04 and it was partially motivated by Jim, who he is and his open communication about the company.

      I do think that it is important that Heather is involved. Young companies need as many individuals that can offer support as they can get. The FDA is no small organization to deal with and understanding its workings as well as its needs is a huge benefit. I look forward to what she can offer as well as others who have joined the board of directors at ADMD. There are very special people at ADMD who know a lot of other people and organizations. All good things. Thank you for the post!


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    • ADMD has not disclosed that Greenleaf Health is acting as an consultant for the company. Even if so, that doesn't mean Heather Rosecrans is working directly with the company. I highly doubt you received any email from the CEO. So I say prove it by forwarding it to those that are interested in seeing it..

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    • You are a fool. This will be a year or longer before any FDA approval. Watch for massive dilution and dumping starting Monday.

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      • I highly doubt it will take a year to get approved, just by the comments the CEO made in the press release and on the company's Twitter site. In fact, the dumb, and probably false comments made by Medplay01 got me thinking, and I'm fairly sure I found Katzaroff's " Ace in the hole." I though about sharing what I found, but I would like to maybe pick up a few more shares hopefully on the cheap.
        Katzaroff is one slick cookie, he's had this contingency plan years before ADMD even submitted the Radiogel application last November.

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