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  • kayak_wench kayak_wench Mar 15, 2014 1:21 PM Flag

    medplay01 is probably a paid pumper

    I'm pretty sure that poster is a OTCMegaStkPicks spokesperson that ADMD hired to market their company. I say that because his posts here match that companies tweets on the same day almost verbatim several times on stupid posts like announcing a two month old research report as if it were new. They probably have to make some x number of social impacts to get there paycheck. This is what the company does "OTC Mega Stock Picks is a cutting edge investor awareness firm specifically focused on undervalued, compelling microcap and smallcap equities looking to expand their shareholder base and increase their market presence. We leverage both modern and traditional investor awareness techniques, as well as social media and press distribution in getting your company’s story to the investing community. We will also help your company develop a news strategy necessary to maintain and grow your investment base."

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    • lol, ok, I think I've now seen and heard it all, lol

      I'm an investor, that's it.

      Like it or leave it, makes no difference to me or ADMD stock.

      New$ watch, somebody is buying ADMD shares daily because they think something BIG is coming

    • Hey Wench! Right on and nice work. I want to thank you. I am going to put him on ignore with the others on TEAM IGNORE. They acted like they hate him but now he will be a teammate. I guess it will be like puting a child molester in with general population. All criminals but just a little bit of hatred there too.

      I like your posts. Good thoughts on the other one with ISR and Seeking Alpha. Keep it up!


      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • LOL. They're not getting much for their money. Medplay is an idiot with nothing to say except "watch for news" and "FDA approval coming soon"over and over again. I think he's stupid posting under another name. He's losing a ton on this stock and his little mind thinks if he pumps it day and night it will make a difference.

    • I'm disappointed the company isn't saving their money to put toward FDA approval, with that they will not need to pay to get investors, but I guess recent new hire Kevin S. was pretty much brought on board to pump.

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