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  • papachomp papachomp Mar 17, 2014 10:07 PM Flag

    ADMD weaker than EVER - FDA laughing hysterically!

    Sorry Medplaywithyourself...your pipe dream has died. A horrible death I might add as it slowly passes away into the great dividend in the sky. Already below .05...yikes! Not a good sign. The company is too busy to respond. It takes a lot of time to funnel investor's hard earned money into off shore accounts. LOL! See ya around .02 before summer! LOL!!!!!! The best part is watching you and Stupidinseattle turn on each other! That has been the icing on the cake. Or should I say the nail in the coffin. Whichever cliché you prefer, they both fit! LOL!!!!!

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    • Your silly, this is all unrealized gain or loss. It isn't over until the fat lady sings, and she hasn't even started to think about opening her mouth. Price doesn't reflect value (I have bought Apple at 6.00, ford at 1.20, and SCSS at 0.14), they all came roaring back because they have good products. ADMD has a good product, that the FDA will eventually approve. They aren't going to go under before then because they have the ability to stop all expenditures in the company and wait it out.

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      • I agree. Those other companies had something to offer. Does ADMD? That remains to be seen. These guys do have the ability to stop all expenditures, but wait what out?? FDA approval? That won't happen without some further spending. What else are they going to wait out? Funding?? Good luck with that one. Hard to get funding when company is in this position. Even selling out more shares to raise funding is unrealistic when pps is plummeting. This company has stage 4 terminal yet some here won't pull the plug. It's sad.

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