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  • greenpateta greenpateta Mar 30, 2014 2:09 PM Flag

    Found in ISR board some important post to pass further

    Understanding how shorter's work, who are the bashers & why are they bashing
    First let me explain you the difference between LONG and SHORT
    When you long a stock; you are buying a share, you own it, and you sell it
    When you short a stock; you are borrowing a share an you must return it. So when you borrow the stock it's called "short a stock" when you give it back its called "cover a stock".
    Ok! Now...
    Shorter's take profit when a stock goes down, for example when you take a long position lets say you buy a stock for $10.00 And the price goes up to $11.00 you make $1.00 per share, if the price goes down to $9.00 you lose $1.00 when you "sell". The same way if you take a stock on the short side meaning if you "short" a stock by $10.00 and the stock goes up to $11.00 you lose $1.00 per share, because you just borrowed something an sold it for $10 now you dont have it anymore, you sold it, however you have to return it now so you have to buy a new share to give it back, but you cant find it for 10.00 like when you bought it, the price now went up to $11.00, so you lost $1.00 per share, if when you "cover" the stock goes down to $9.00 you make $1.00 when you "cover" because you are able to buy it back a dollar cheaper.

    Now in our case if you would short 20,000 shares for $2.60 you borrowed 20,000 shares and sold it for a total of $52,000, now you see the stock had better news than what expected and the stock jumped to $3.10. You know you have to return the shares so if you buy them back for $3.10 the total will be $62,000. That totals to a loss of $10,000. :-(

    So what happens you didn't think what you where doing and shorted a strong stock with good news releases and waiting for more good news... You start to shiver... What should I do now?

    You go on the message boards and start giving out your panic to others, and start bashing with the common bash
    Dilution, more dilution coming, reverse split, Bancropcy, fail,(continuing)

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      You go on the message boards and start giving out your panic to others, and start bashing with the common bash
      Dilution, more dilution coming, reverse split, Bancropcy, fail, scam, idiots etc...
      I they where able to make other panic and a sell off occur...

      I think it's very well written and needs to be spread out!

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      • 1 Reply to greenpateta
      • That is a very good description of what it means to take a short position. I assumed that no one would short a sub dime stock, because that just seems crazy. But I'm probably wrong, if it is allowed someone will probably do it. The basher(s) clearly stated that they felt it would go down to 0.03 cents. If they took a short position at 0.06 cents or 0.05 (its current trading window), they could well be worried it will stay in that range until an announcement is made, and if that announcement is an approval they are going to lose money. But I can understand how the greed side of the fear/greed coin can see the potential for the price declining during the no-news period so they keep their position and try to incite the panic you referenced. If the price dives and several bashers disappear would that validate theory some/most bashers are shorters? Since I do not think the ultimate price of the stock will be affected by how low it goes between now and news, I am not sure there is any point in countering their claims. Frankly a part of me would be fine with a dip if it gets them out of here. I could care less whether they make money off their position, just tired of reading their garbage.

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