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  • papachomp papachomp Mar 31, 2014 10:33 PM Flag

    Not good news at all.

    Oh my. Recent financial statement sounds like the nail in the coffin for ADMD. Ugh. This will see .02 any day now and doors closed by end of summer. Mark this post. Sell now. Get out and get into a real company as this has BANKRUPTCY written all over it. Notice the grant funding has done nothing but decrease in recent years. Not a good sign. "Corporate" offices moved to a director's property for cheap rent. Not a good sign. Funding woes inevitable. FDA approval never gonna happen without funding to get that pushed through properly. Not good news. Medplaywithhimself and Stupid losing their backsides to this garbage. Good news! LOL!!!!!!

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    • BTW...nobody, and I mean nobody, in their right mind would refer to this stock as a Strong Buy at this time unless they are a complete idiot. Circling the toilet bowl is an understatement. I own some of this junk and I have yet to find anything positive to say about the product, the company, or the management. Obvious that no major institutions are invested here. Check out ownership. You don't see Vanguard's name or any other worthwhile investment firm listed. Cadwell family trust. Wow. Not a good sign. Writing is on the wall.

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      • papachomp. Looks like you posted someting then removed it, but not before Yahoo;s data collector had captured it and emailed a snippet of it to me. I'm not going to copy and paste any of it here since you decided to delete it. But I wanted to say I appreciate the information and can honestly understand your motivation (I have visited the ISR board). From here out I'm playing Canada. Good luck to you in your investments.

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