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  • zippy_icon zippy_icon Apr 28, 2014 7:16 PM Flag


    What is the point of bashing here? You can neither short nor buy puts, which makes the investment only one dimensional, i.e. invest as LONG, else get the hell out...

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    • moto1960 Apr 29, 2014 6:44 PM Flag

      Shares are hard to come by. Put in a buy order near the end of the day and the ask kept moving up. I'll try again in the morning. MDLAND~

    • Zippy, c'mon your bebetter than this my man. Bashers here are children who are bashing other posters here. They do not present much to debunk any post here. You notice that I am certain. So you must choose to put them on ignore and not recognize their posts or never reply to them. It is that simple. As you outline there are fee reasons to "bash" here and if they are hypocrites and actually own shares, which I am all but certain they do not, then they are even more idiotic than I expect.

      You can read posts that are very likely from shareholders like you and me and see their is real interest in the stock and company. You read any of theirs and it is without substance. They are just idiot posts that any 14 year old bully could write. I will even go to as far as saying they probably envey the bully in real life but are very very weak individuals and so they live out their "weak dream" here on the YMB.

      Absolutely pathetic existence they live but they come in all sorts when human nature is considered.

      We have seen this stupidity from the same names whether the stock goes on a run or takes a fall. They are here to bash posters, not the stock or company. Simple as that!


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