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  • radiogel radiogel Jul 17, 2014 11:05 AM Flag

    Here's why Sirtex is exciting investors and why AMIC and Radiogel should be more exciting

    Here’s why Sirtex is exciting investors.
    Sirtex $1 billion in market cap. AMIC $3.2 million in market cap. Who has the better technology? In my opinion, AMIC. Do your due diligence. The sales and market are there and this isn't even taking into account the other cancers. This is an opportunity for those that can withstand the risk.

    1) Many oncologists (cancer doctors) consider Selective Internal Radiation (SIR) therapy to be a 3rd line treatment. One risk of SIR therapy is that the radioactive spheres end up somewhere other than the target. As a result, SIR therapy requires that radiologists place tiny coils through a catheter to block certain arteries. A couple of weeks later, after taking certain preparatory medications, the patient receives the radioactive spheres through the artery. This is quite a process, and it naturally takes time for health professionals to learn it, but once they do, they see results. Furthermore, it makes little sense to reserve such a treatment for after the patient is already badly weakened. Anecdotally, patients’ families want doctors to prescribe the treatment before it’s too late. It doesn’t seem right for SIR therapy to remain a 3rd line treatment for those it could help earlier.

    2) The company is currently funding the SIRFLOX study, testing whether SIR therapy is a good companion treatment for chemotherapy. If the study shows that it is, you can be sure that SIR-spheres will be more widely used.

    3) SIR-spheres dominate the main competition, TheraSpheres. I’m not a medical expert, so I couldn’t explain why exactly, but it does seem to me that the biocompatible resin spheres would be preferable to the TheraSpheres, which are made of glass (although they are smaller).

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