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  • buzierbee41 buzierbee41 Jul 18, 2014 11:39 PM Flag

    Now is when we need LEADERSHIP!

    Medplay should stop with the pumping at this is the time for the LEADERSHIP of this company to round up all resources and private capital to make a push for a break of 3 cents.....time and time again the faithful investors have supported ADMD and moved the stock higher only to be SMACKED down by the MARKET will take about a $300k in stock purchases to knock the MM's off the bid and get some space above 3 cents.....LETS GO MANAGEMENT, NOW IS THE TIME!!!

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    • So it's all about stock price for you? Your just looking to flip and move on. Small minded peoplee get small results, just sell and leave for the better of the board and company and true long investors.

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      • yes it is ALL about STOCK PRICE for me...IDIOT!!...why else would i buy a stock..MORON!

      • Correction, it was Zippy trying to get out at .034. Sorry about that mistake. Not good, sorry.


      • By the way, by the numbers, Buzz is also likely correct on the kind of pressure that would need to be applied to this stock share price to really push it firmly into .03. That is if the comoany did not issue shares into that buying money. Leadership is also how money comes in. RadioGel is not going to sell itself. I think you just need to lighten up a bit. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is insanity so maybe the board needs to change up the line up at ADMD. MAYBE.


      • I-Trade. Not sure if that one was at me or Buz. Look people make a business. I have my concerns in regards to leadership as well. Also, do not start throwing rocks at a person for their investment in ADMD and their goals. Do not throw stones if you live in a glass house. I am happy to have an investment and for others who do as well in ADMD. Their money is theirs to do as they please. Also, in our thread, "How long is to long", you asked Moto to bid .034 a share to take out your 500k shares because you thought you could turn a profit elseware in the next several months. What was that?

        Yeah, I could make more money too in some other picks I have but I am not. I do not want to give up my low price shares because they might be pretty tough to get back and I want all I can get for 4-5 years from now. I am trading, you bet, in 5 years I want to sell them for .50 a share or better. Of course by then much could be different and I will want to sell them for a buck. Every quarter my opinions can change on this company. Sometimes I want to buy, buy lower, hold and occasionally even sell a little. So what! What do you care?


    • Heck yeah buzierbee! I like it!


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