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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Aug 2, 2014 9:52 PM Flag

    I will make it easier for all you potential ADMD investors out there.

    I will not use caps or share with you any emotional status that I am in or have been in with this stock. I am a shareholder and I am building up a core position in the company. I am doing this conservatively based on my current financial status as well as my own personal risk tollerance. I do hold shares. I have watched and researched this company since about 2006/07. I am neither recommending nor discouraging anyone to invest with this company. I have invested in this company because in my opinion the company holds the rights to a medical device that when approved by the FDA will have a positive impact in the medical industry particularly in the treatment of some cancers.

    Before you invest any money in this company I strongly recomend that you do just a little homework. Within your favored trading platform go to research and then go to SEC filings. From there you should be able to see an entry for FORM 10Q dated March 31st, 2014. This is their most recent filing with the SEC and is the most current information on where the company stands. While there are a lot of posts on this message board about what is happening day to day with the stock and the company, this is the only reliable view of what is going on with ADMD 10Q.

    There has been one recent development with a company called Batelle. This may be viewed on a more recent 8K.

    10Q pages not to miss:
    Page 8 - Condition of company
    Page 13-21 Convertables, Loans, Options & Warrants
    Page 22-28 Products and Future Vision
    Page 32 - Liquidity and Capital Resources.

    Now if you like numbers there are plenty of those and by all meens review them but the brief bit of information on the pages provided above will provide you with a very good base on this company and should help tremendously for you to identify if this stock fits into your risk profile as well as portfolio as a whole. This is not difficult reading but if you do not understand it then ask a proffesional.

    Good investing to all of you!


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    • Oh gosh there is a reply. Crud it is Team Ignore. It is big bad Buzz! His talk is a lot tougher than his sting. He is the message board bug. Annoying thing just buzzing around with annoying posts and threats in CAPS.

      So big bad buzz got put on ignore by posting about suing ADMD, threatening other posters with legal humBUG and saying the company was diluting. All unverifiable of course. He was a particularly strange idiot because he claims he "used to be high on ADMD" but now he is an investor vigilantly on the ADMD YMB. He is one of those buy high sell low idiots who is emotional and spends a lot of time here saving others from their investor BUG telling them to buy shares.

      He is emotional and that is no way to invest and definitely not a person you ever get guidance or opinions from. He is so upset and negative I even wonder if he is one of those paid bashers I have heard about. I heard that if you reply to a paid basher or a paid pumper they actually get paid. That is why they post so much stuff with so little to no substance. I never reply to them. I just put them on ignore. Team Ignore!

      So big bad Buzz you are on Team Ignore. It means your name is greyed out and I can not see your post you idiot. So do not reply to me you idiot because I will not read your post you idiot. Good luck with wasting your time on this message board you Team Ignore idiot!


    • Do tell all the people how wrong you have been in your investment have been adding since .15 and are so far in the whole you have no choice but to pump this turd to get your money back!!...i have gone through the numbers and posted the information.. You need to stop posting and read and listen and learn!

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