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  • ronrunoff ronrunoff Aug 11, 2014 2:46 PM Flag

    How to destroy a COMPANY.....

    When a company has a product that is going to be in demand, they may from time to time need financing to get product to this case a Company will often expand the OUTSTANDING share count to have the flexibility of using COMMON SHARES as collateral for a LOAN......that has not happened here.....COMPANIES that are on their last leg expand the OUTSTANDING share count and then SELL AND DUMP the shares into the OPEN MARKET at MISERABLE after day they dump the shares and when it is all done, they simply REVERSE SPLIT back to a lower number of OUTSTANDING and then repeat the same cycle OVER AND OVER until the run out of SUCKERS to buy the stock or the SEC steps in and stops the heist....I would encourage you to pull up 3 TICKER SYMBOLS to see this scenario put to the test ....just look at the stock chart of these COMPANIES and you will see your future here: ECOB, FLST and IWEB

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    • Ron,

      I agree that ADMD is a very risky investment. I have shares at 2 cents and 8 cents. I also know that without FDA approval in the next few months, this thing is done for. Management has done a poor job communicating, no doubt about that. I'm playing the binary option here, because there is not much downside, but potential strong upside if the FDA gives the nod. While there are a few pumpers on the board, I know that there are others who are long like me but understand the advanced risk that this company poses. One reason why I'm holding is that RadioGel is a product that nobody has. I take the Batelle investment with a grain of salt, as well as other news. Assuming a complete bankruptcy, it is money I can afford to part with with the flip side potential of RadioGel getting the FDA nod and moving up.

      Sentiment: Hold

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