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  • sensiseattle sensiseattle Aug 21, 2014 6:18 PM Flag

    Who, or what company, is buying all of these shares?

    142,500 @ .0061 @ 01:37:00
    21,434 @ .0061 @ 01:37:02

    Building my position on low price stock for the long term. AMIC is not going away in my opinion and should have a bright future with RadiGel. Good luck, there is certainly a changing of the guard going on with regards to who holds shares in AMIC. I only hope they are serious longs. They certainly must have the money to buy all this stock.

    I am buying because I trust my DD despite what the stock is telling me. Now what is driving me crazier than even the money invested into AMIC; is who is buying all this stock?!?!? Someone has a lot of confidence in what AMIC brings to the table. Today in one minute 4 million shares were purchased. I think the seller of shares are not "stock investors" but maybe money investors. They loan money for a profit. In this case they might have loaned money for a profit via ADMD shares. Now they are selling those shares to take that profit, if they can sell quick enough. Hey, all just opinion but I want to know.


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    • here is 160k thousand shares

    • Still nobody has answers the question, Who's Buying All These Shares ??

    • Let see if BUYING continues today, load up time !

    • I see a few people here have it figured out now. If shares being sold are through convertibles issue for debt then a lot of debt is getting paid off. Now someone is loading up on this sold shares. Now AMIC is moving forward with less debt. That in itself is a good thing. Strong hands? If they are then what will happen when RadioGel is submitted correctly, with support from some agencies, and FDA were to approve? I think one could surmise on higher demand these shares would trade up from here. Now if there was a reverse split occurred then they would trade up, just at a higher price per share, and fewer shares available. What is RadioGel worth as an asset if approved but not even distributed? What is the five year multiple on it? The company has suggested that input costs to manufacture are low. It could replace metal seeds used often in cancer treatments. It's asset value is higher than what this whole company is trading at right now.

      I am buying because I speculate it is trading below assets right now on FDA approval. Yup, big bet. I love a bet though when one asset exceeds company net worth, with debt included, in my opinion. In my opinion just the the payment for an exclusive to sell RadioGel is worth more than the company is worth today after debt. Add the royalties with the company in the black and very low overheads. All in my opinion. Then part two of business plan gets done, bring on Y-90 with RadioGel. Read the 10q then make your decision to buy or not.


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      • A new draft of the de nuvo process was published by the FDA a couple of days ago. In a quick glance it looked like there is a 120 day time period between submission and notification (not the 60 days the poster who claimed to have talked to Katzoff said), and that was best case if the FDA didn't require additional information during the process. So even in the best possible scenario (they submit and get approved as de nuvo) it looks like more dilution for the Dec warrants may be unavoidable. If they want to save shares from more dilution they need to resubmit ASAP.

      • If I held warrants that came due in June and July and I knew (which I would) that several other warrant holders were lined up to liquidate after me I would definitely sell my shares as soon as I could. Then I would wait for After the last date for warrant conversion (Aug 10 ..I think) to buy back in. For the conversions that took place in late June the price would of been about 0.02. My warrants would of converted around at 0.012. That 2 cent price held well into July so I would of made a 40% profit on top of interest. Now with the price near 0.0005 I would probably toss a bit of my profit back.
        Bottom line the warrant holders probably know more than we do, and they probably have a nice bit of profit. So I think a good portion of the buyers are the warrant holders.
        I also think sitting on the PR for the Battelle debt conversion was a strategic move to try to combat the price drop associated with the dilution. I think the people who loaned ADMD the money are probably friends and business associates of Cadwell so he is not going to let them lose money.
        I do not think they can survive the expiration of the most recent loans unless they get FDA approval before Dec. The conversions for the previous loans probably took more shares then they imaged because of the price drop and they may not have enough shares left to pay off the loans that will come due in Dec. On the other hand, if they resubmit and get more input then they will probably know exactly why they need to do to get approval and can look at options of partnering with someone.

      • I forgot to say that big companies love exclusives and they also pay for successful end points being met in research and clinical trials. It has happened before that partners have completely covered clinical trials, so speculating this is reasonable as well. But HEY, RadioGel needs an approval first upon a successful trial that meets their guidelines...endpoints...and we are a long ways from that being found to be the case for RadioGel. Yup, big bet. :-)


        Go ahead and post I am a pumper or an idiot. It keeps the rational posts like this one at the top of the YMB. Hahhahha.

    • Battle, name another small cap that's partnered with a $6 Billion Dollar Grossing Global Organization like Battelle ??

      You can't, and someone is buying all and every share possible. I've averaged down below a penny, amazing.

      RadioGel is the Future of Brachytherapy, Battelle knows this.

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      • I pushed the position over a half million shares today. Got those last shares right behind that huge buy this afternoon. I like how the share price hung in there today. It was a far cry from that blood letting yesterday. Yesterday was like a crescendo low. Huge volume like the flight to the doors. Might be the biggest single day volume we will see until the good news comes on filing with the FDA or something. I like the low basis and the big share count to boot. Team Ignore would not know about all that. The Bug will have to wait for a cold day in hell before he will realize any profit but that is great, hell that is.

        So have fun tormenting the team. Post if you buy, post if you sell like I do. We are probably the only shateholders here. Oh, plus Kayak. Great poster. We have some good buyers out there an every day is one day closer to an FDA submittal. I hope those rumors of guidance from Greenleaf are true. That would be a great thing and that consulting is a great thing to spend our money on.

        GO HAWKS! I gave my tickets to an employee for her family so I am on the TV. Nice to hook up people and help out. Hopefully we shareholders will help humanity through supporting AMICs goals!


      • Below a penny is cool. Mine is at .02 and coming down. :-)

        I am not quite ready to take it below a penny. I am not so sure the stock will bottom out quite yet. I have never complained about missing a bottom, only tops. Haven't gotten in to deep to early, or ran myself out of powder to early, in a very long time. I was waiting for this to happen. It has been in the 10q for all to see. Some other big buyers saw it too, now they are buying. Had the company had gotten a response to 510k from FDA the RadioGel was a Class II device then things would have been different and my position would have possibly been far smaller.

        Obviously I am confident in the people and products. I do not blame anyone for taking the other side in that either. Everyone's own risk tolerance. Gotta respect that! I do not respect those who do not do their homework, do not know their risk tolerance, and then come here just to complain and slander. They need to spend the time looking in the mirror. No one here clicks the buy or sell button on the mouse for anyone else here. Freaking crybabies, might be teenagers or adults. Blame it on their upbringing I guess. Very entightled and irresponsible people.

        My hopes is I see you at a nickle for Christmas.


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