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  • buzierbee41 buzierbee41 Aug 22, 2014 11:11 PM Flag

    For those who are interested....what has happened is the COMMON SHARES have been DISPERSED and SOLD so rapidly that is essence it would

    be like a substance being put through CHEMISTRY DIFFUSION first there is a HIGH CONCENTRATION of substance and the substance is very RECOGNIZABLE....however after the DIFFUSION process, the substance has very LOW CONCENTRATION (spread all over the place) and it becomes UNRECOGNIZABLE from its original FORM.......4 Months ago.....ADMD's shares were very HIGH IN CONCENTRATION (we knew who had what and how many shares were held by various holders)...but since JUNE the DILUTION/SPREADING of shares at such a HIGH FREQUENCY or PACE has made it IMPOSSIBLE to KNOW HOW MANY or WHO HOLDS or anything remotely RECOGNIZABLE as a COMMON SHARE STUCTURE......ADMD stock basically has by DIFFUSED INTO OBLIVION and YAHOO and HONEST PEOPLE like myself understand there is NO VALUE because it CEASES to EXIST apart from its ORIGINAL FORM....thus there is NO MARKET CAP because THERE is NO ASSETS to back UP the DELUGE of SHARES that are being DISPERSED into THIN AIR!

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    • Wow, Thats amazing Bee! Did you figure that out all by yourself? Let me get this straight . If a company with no assets keeps dumping millions of shares the value will fall to nothing. Is that it? Thats brilliant!, I'm sure nobody has ever thought of that.

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