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  • ronrunoff ronrunoff Aug 29, 2014 12:00 PM Flag

    yesterday i stated that BATELLE's 17 million shares DO NOT REPRESent 10% of ADMD...and anyone saying such was a LIAR!

    Well...old stupid actually agreed with me on this one...however in doing so he CALLED HIS BUDDY JIM KATZAROFF a LIAR....because JIM KATZAROFF said in the ridiculous interview that BATELLE IS A 10% OWNER of ADMD........CHECK MATE....

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    • What evidences do you have that they are not accumulating shares and maintaining their 10% ownership in the company Paid Basher Ron? That is right, you have none and neither do I. Only an insider would know that I bet. Someone is accumulating a lot of shares right now though. So Paid Basher Ron it is not checkmate Sensi, you are now in check. You keep making statements that you can not support.

      Paid Basher Ron


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      • moto1960 Aug 29, 2014 9:40 PM Flag

        Not as many shares available today on the sell side. Could it be the holiday weekend or perhaps the seller either, ran out of shares or knows of something pending? Either way, nothing to get up in arms over until we see a consistent pattern either up, down, or flat.
        Remember, you only take a loss when you sell for a loss. If you still have shares, technically, you're only down on paper. Though your chances are slim to recover, I wouldn't sell until the last week in December at the earliest. If you sell now or have sold recently, you'll just end up angry, disgruntled and resort to posting 50 posts a day on YMB's. Personally, I'd rather have a one in a hundred chance at a recovery than an absolute zero chance because I've already sold for 1 cent.
        We all have made the choice to purchase ADMD stock on the slim chance of a great outcome and at this point, it's not worth selling for a half a penny at the beginning of September. Good luck to all longs, MDLAND~

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