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  • ronrunoff ronrunoff Sep 3, 2014 11:42 AM Flag

    TASTE OF DEFEAT.....for those of you who listened to the SERIAL LIARS named SHEKEL, STUPID IN SEATTLE and KAYAK...remember how they

    sucked you into this trap....and keep it in the back of your mind for your next trade...I myself was sucked in by an insider for ADMD...needless to say I am pursuing that person for damages, I have actual this person own words to use against them......WHAT THESE PUMPERS DO ON THESE BOARD SHOULD BE PROSECUTED....LYING about an equity is serious depravity.....BUT IF YOU LEARN FROM THIS EXPERIENCE, YOU WILL SAVE YOURSELF THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN FUTURE TRADES....AND MAYBE EVEN THINK ABOUT MOVING TO STOCKS ABOVE A DOLLAR....EVERYONE WANTS TO GET RICH ON ONE PLAY......IT IS AS RARE AS HITTING THE LOTTERY and IS MORE LIKE GAMBLING THAN INVESTING...THESE PUMPS PLAY ON YOUR EMOTIONS...I HAVE GIVEN YOU TONS OF NUMBERS AND REPORTED WHAT I SEE TO BE HAPPENINg hERE.....and I invited you to read my posts and see just how accurate I HAVE BEEN SINCE I WOKE UP TO THE TRUTH ABOUT ADMD!!

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    • Turn off the ignition, open the garage, and get some fresh air.

      Let's review what I have said and what you have said in the last few weeks:

      Financials were just filed recently. Yahoo has updated share counts. What, does Yahoo not update share counts for ADMD but updates for everybody else? Laughable.

      Numerous times, I have said that the probability this makes it is extremely low. I'm also down 93% on my investment. So I gain nothing by posting. I will most likely lose everything on ADMD. Not once have I every pumped the company, price, or outlook. I simply repeated what I was told.

      Stop talking about prosecuting people. Because nobody respects a talker. Either do, or get out of the way. You got sucked into this investment the same as every other long on this board including myself. Just because we are not posting raving lunatic posts does not mean we are all disgusted with what is going on. We all got plundered on this trade. All of us. Stop pretending like you are some mistreated little flower in the garden. If you play the Pink Sheets, you should know the risk. Also, stop saying you have taken notes and recorded calls. You have not even spent 5 minutes trying to call the company and check up on your investment. Write this on a chalkboard and read it 100 times: Nobody…Respects…A…Talker. Nobody. Either do, or close your mouth and get out of the way. You've done absolutely nothing to try and find out what is going on other than posting falsities regarding share count and saying everything and everybody is a scam.

      You do not try and call the company, e-mail the company, or try to see what is going on. You are an Armchair Quarterback. A talker, nothing more. You sit and gripe while others (like me) do the heavy lifting for you. You recently belittled a new board poster without even knowing their situation. Keep up the good work, because you are 0 for August and now 0 for September in correct statements and predictions.

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      • Shekels, I just called the company and they answered but I am not completely posting everything what was said (do your own due diligence) because you received a brutal response for just reporting what was answered to you and everyone is a non believer. I will report that the company said they have not sold one share into this even back after the reporting to SEC. They don't know where all these shares are coming today. The authorized share count is greater than 185 million because of converters but only around 200-225m estimate. I know my investment has way gone down but I am not quitting on this technology. Please do your own due diligence. Make your own phone calls. Yes, this is brutal for the stock price and I have accumulated so many shares so I hope this works out but this is a sub penny stock so the risk to zero is a reality but what has really changed in the last month? Some might not believe this post but I wanted to back Shekels and let him ask these two questions and if he wants to post fine! 1. Has the company sold any shares into this since the last reporting? 2. How many shares are outstanding now approximately? See what the answers are. Quit bashing, if you don't like go to another stock. Make your own decision here, most on this board are upset that they have lost all this money but don't quit on this technology! Look at the market cap at these prices! Also, you know Sirtex would love this technology! Enough, good luck and do your own due diligence

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