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  • ronrunoff ronrunoff Sep 3, 2014 2:58 PM Flag

    SO now the LYING PUMP "RADIOGEL" says he called the "COMPANY" and "THEY" said they havent sold a single share..but he admits the FLOAT is


    expanding.....WELL...THESE ARE WEASEL WORDS...THE "COMPANY" is JIM KATZAROFF because as I stated long ago..he is the only one who answers his CELL PHONE..there is no RECEPTIONIST, NO LABORATORY with SCIENTIST SCURRYING AROUND...NO PRODUCTION FACILITY...NO BUILDING, NO CASH...just a guy with his cell phone operating out of his buddies (CADWELL) broom closet....and the "THEY" is also JIM KATZAROFF...SINGULAR not PLURAL.....and we are TO BELIEVE THIS??....RADIOGEL IS A SERIAL LIAR who has several aliases and also is on IHUB posting under the name TRADER 7.....he is pumping FDA APPROVAL is right around the corner...OHHHHHH...SO THATS WHY THE "COMPANY" iS DUMPING 200 MILLION SHARES IN 2 MONTHS!....ok...I'm gonna back up the truck...WE ARE ALL GOING TO BE RICH!...RICH I TELL YOU!!!!

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