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  • mgmrocks mgmrocks Aug 6, 2012 5:14 PM Flag


    Are the books cooked? These numbers can't be possible compared to their peers.

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    • burning?
      Now time is for DV.imo

    • Amazing evryone in space is guiding lower and they guide up.insider sold 30k last week.they must be the harvard of the for profit universities.

    • Amazing evryone in space is guiding lower and they guide up.insider sold 30k last week.they must be the harvard of the for profit universities.

    • I agree, their earnings announcement and guidance are highly suspect. I believe there are large options positions at $21-$22. The price is stuck there like cement. Price movement look very unnatural.

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      • Come on folks, this bit about Christian University is merely a marketing tool. The majority stockholder is Jewish out of Chicago. Josh Carl. His father was a basketball star for Chicago's first basketball team, the Packers. It might explain why the current CEO is always saying they want to be a school like Marquette University. It's because Josh's father set all time records in college basketball against them.

        You already know that they are counting on the Doctoral division to be the leader for them for their growth. The issue is most of the Enrollment counselors/sales people have very little training, and the division is not meeting the "matrix" (quota) . The director is an absolute looney tunes, and sliently most of those people in the division will agree. What is interesting is that alot of the managers also talk about the director behind her back! You just have to listen to those whispers about her. She is so inept that when she came on board she had to recruit someone who could mine the data in the CRM data base. He was her "golden child" .. She is ruthless. Her public personna is not to be trusted. She has exploded in meetings over minor disruptions, letting many people know her TRUE character. She will belittle people and try to JUSTIFY it because she is a DIRECTOR of DOCTORAL (GREAT LEADER)

        And then we have their previous Director. He actually gloated in a division meeting about how he disciplined his 3 year old son, after a tantrum about a buzz haircut, and fixed the behavior by dropping the kid off a diving board in his backyard pool. He found it amusing and entertaining, and let people know that he did jump into the pool to save his son from drowning. NICE PEOPLE DR. RADDA is hiring. REAL CHRISTIANS. HIGH MORAL CHARACTER. TRUE CHRISTIANS. . Hey Ken Blancard,.. "WHAT WOULD JESUS DO?"

    • That and insider selling by the CEO.

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      • All, I work in higher ed and I must admit that I am not a fan of the CEO. I also own no shares, I am simply expressing my opinion. That said, Grand Canyon is doing something that i think is very smart. They are investing in the physical campus which in turn legitimizes that online degrees in the eyes of the consumer. They also recently were granted a 'free' new campus in western Massachusetts which they will use for further expansion of a traditional student body. I expect that this will also help them to expand online in the Northeast. I am not qualified to comment on earnings guidance or anything to that effect, but I can say that I know this industry. Whereas BPI is in trouble for not investing in the traditional student body, LOPE seems to be taking steps that will keep the regulators happy and increase positive brand awareness. Just my opinion though.

        Also, the comment about accreditation seems to indicate that the poster does not understand what the term means. GCU is regionally accredited by the HLC. This is, in fact, no such thing as 'fully accredited'.

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