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  • finny_fl finny_fl Jun 21, 2007 3:05 PM Flag

    JAVA Sighting

    In the Tampa Bay / Sarasota area Hess gas stations are stocking Monster Java. Bought Mean Bean and Big Black. Will try tommorrow ( already had 2 monsters today.

    Tried Loco Mocha and it was great.

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    • Dear Diary,

      Yesterday, after investing in Hansen for over a year, I tried my first energy drink. I must say, I was impressed. It was smooth (unlike my father's coke and mom's pepsi) and cheap (unlike a Starbucks Venti Non fat Sugar Free Mocha with No Whip and No Foam). Plus, it did not have the effect that I thought it would. I did not get wired, just alert.

      GO HANSEN~!

    • Just returned from Cumberland farms store and I asked the manager about Jave she said it is flying off the shelves.
      She said that she ran out of loco moco and is trying to reorder from their warehouse. I also asked about other hanson products she said they all sell good. This store is in a small town of about 6000 pop in southeastern Mass.

    • - ATTEN:
      - Store Checkers .. reports please ?

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      • Was in Charlotte, NC over the weekend and found Java Monster in several convenience stores. It seemed like it took forever to get a hold of my first Java, but it was worth the wait.

      • My distributor friend for one of the beer majors was finally able to talk to his buddy high up on the Pepsi distribution channel. On the Pepsi side. The biggest complaint is getting the product. He claims it's flying out the warehouse faster than they can bring it in. He claims Hans could be selling twice as much product if they could get it to the warehouse.

        On the Bud side. Bud is increasing their sku's as much as possible. Apparently they hung on for too long beleiving the core 3 beers would carry them indefinitely. Bud was very worried about Hansens going with another distributor and was the reason for inking the deal with Hansens. They also plan to push Hansen product in every market they are in.

        The manager for Chevron in El Segundo told me this morning that their corporate headquarters finally yesterday gave approval to carry the Monster Java in all of the Southern Calif. stores. Before it was only being sold in a few select stores.

        And finally regarding Monster Java. According to my friend Starbucks owns 91% of the frappacinno blend drink business. They have branded their name very well, and people see the logo and just grab the drink. If Hansens can brand the Monster name like they did going up against Red Bull with Starbucks then according to my friend it would put hansen in much better bargaining power for shelf space and pricing. The majors according to him are very concerned about Hansen, and are finding way's to align themselves with them so as to not have to compete against them.

        Have a great 4th, and good luck to alll the longs.

      • Nice to see you back Scope. Hope your enjoying the best. Sounds like your back with us here at Hansen. I thought you had sold and moved on. I think this coffee drink could have a lot of growth potential for Hansen. There are a lot of coffee drinkers and many would love a coffee experience without having it hot. The Bud rep I talked to today was really excited about their new drink and seems to be very well informed about Hansen. I think ultimately Bud will buy Hansen. Do you have any thoughts about Hansens prospects of new? Thanks and good luck. Glad your back.

      • First sighting in Jacksonville FL. at local Hess gas station

        Hess station has separate cooler for energy drinks right in the middle of the store. Cooler is generic (says something like "Energize" on it.

        Top shelf - 6 rows of Java, 2 of XXL cans
        Second shelf - blue, green, assault, kaous and M80.
        Red bull had the next 4 or so rows.

        Next to the cooler was the Monster 4 pack floor display.

        Again, all was front and center as you entered the store. Note that the Java is being sold as an energy drink and as such may eat into the Monster sales. Key will be to proportionaly also away from Red Bull, and to attract coffee drinkers.

      • Hey Scope good to see you.

        El Porto market in Manhattan Beach has the loco mocha,(distributed through 7-up) and already sold out. I had one and liked it very much.

        California Market in Hollywood has loco mocha(not sure of distributor) and said it is selling very well.

        Chevron El Segundo Monster update. Can't keep it in stock. now blasting through 25 cases a week of the green and 10 cases of the blue can a week.

        And finally Alfredo's snack stand on the beach in "El Porto" the surf capital of South Bay is now open for the summer and sold 2 cases in the first week open, and as a favor to me(and the Hansen cause) is making Monster Energy drinks the only energy drink of choice at his stand (way to go Luis and we thank you.).

    • Java! Cumberland farms store southeastern Ma. Had one whole shelf with all three. Tried loco mocha tasted great.
      I think hansons has a winner, will check out mean bean and
      big black later and check on sales.

    • - Thank you finny_fl in Tampa/Sarasota for "JAVA" sightings ..
      - Everyone please keep it up ...
      - To ALL:__For comparison purposes I would strongly encourage you to get weekly case sales figures so that in a month, quarter, year, etc .. you will be able to calculate growth rates as an eye witness in your area ...
      - I repeat .. So that .. You will be armed w/data & able to calculate the local growth rates ... & then keep us better informed during the nationwide "JAVA" buildout ..
      - This is the strategy that we employed during the "Monster" 2003-6 nationwide buildout that made many of us wealthy & kept us IN the stock & un-shakable w/regard to negative bashers & short sellers .. We were able to stay put while many bailed out far too soon .. Thus reaping huge gains from all of the major up moves & not being absent during those up moves ..
      - Eventually JP Morgan followed our stratey & hired AC Neilsen to do the same for them but they were only doing it in Cullyfornia .. We were interested in the entire 50 state national buildout .. We were always very aware of what the financials were going to be like in following Q's because we'd done case counts in advance ..
      - In Spring'06 the (HANS) CEO even commented in a Business Week article that the analysts needed to do what we were doing on the Yahoo Message Board & count cans instead of asking him to prognosticate ..

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