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  • rdube11 rdube11 Oct 18, 2007 6:07 PM Flag

    Going south to 30$ very soon...................

    Oh my....another KKD or JSDA in the making.
    It's funny how these manipulations happen again and again and the suckers of retail get caught over and over again !

    Here what is happening here:
    1. The valuation for this business is totally out of wack.
    NOBODY will ever buy this business for more than 2 billion.
    Why ! Because it is a marketing company with no tangible assets. Anybody (COKE,PEPSI,BUD....) can create it's own recipe and launch a multi million media push and use it's own distribution network for a fraction of the price.....

    2.The insiders have been selling around 45$ in August. As a matter of fact, 4 of them have sold respectively 100%,100%,89% and 49% of their total ownership......these people are "on the ground people" who clearly know what is going on here.....i.e. the competition is all over them and their margins are shrinking like ice in the sun.

    3. Goldman, the cheerleader of the stock since the beginning, took it off it's model portfolio and downgraded the stock early october.....get the message! After the insider signal and the Goldman downgrade they will avoid being sued for misleading the shareholders because these shareholders were "warned" add to it Nicolas Staufel sent another message 2 weeks ago.....get it!

    4. The "BIG" players are allready out of this stock, i.e. protecting their inflated profits by using option strategies so the "public".....i.e. the dumb retail investor cannot see what is going on. The daily volume is also manipulated by a few firms making a "box" to inflate the volume to "suck in" the retail fools to think that this stock is hot.


    This stock will fall 25% in one day very soon and then another 50% over the next few weeks to eventually go to 25$......oh yeah ! some retail investors will see this as "bargain hunting" hahahaha and will lose all their money they have made the last year with this SCAM.

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