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  • nasa_rs nasa_rs Apr 5, 2008 9:35 PM Flag

    Monster's Shelf Space

    Sorry for posting a Hansen's Natural topic on the Hansen's Natural Board, but...

    This morning I noticed at my local Wal-Mart [in SF Bay Area] that Monster had an entire top shelf row to itself about eight 4-packs wide. It had twice the shelf space of any other energy drink, including RB & RS. Before this Wal-mart only had three rows of the orignal 4-pack energy drink.

    Five 4-pack rows were Monster energy with the various flavors and then three rows of Monster Java 4 packs, all three original flavors.

    I wish they would get the three new Java flavors added too, but at least they are now starting to get the Javas into Wal-Mart - it can only help sales.

    But, the Javas are right next to the Original energy drinks. I do not think this will cannabilize original energy drinks too much. The whole energy drink category is still growing fast.

    I like seeing Amp Energy with Jr. it adds prestige to the energy group, but it does not seem to be selling very fast.

    When does this stock go zoom, zoom again? The product still seems to be flying off the shelf.

    All is my opinion. Invest at your own risk.

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    • Good info on wal-mart. Mine did not have java, but had the 4 packs of kaos,original,lo-carb,and assault. I picked up an original.

      The javas are in the coffee isle of one local grocer.

      As an aside, I went into my local costco and did not see any mosters this time. I thought it was a little odd, but did not ask. I've found it pointless to ask about items not on the floor...

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      • For this particular Wal-mart they were actually out of MOnster for several weeks, then they had three times the normal supply stocked if you include Java, that showed up for the first time.

        My guess is that will happen to your Costco. Monster will probably appear in a few weeks and it will be a huge selection with Java.

        I do not know why this might be happening maybe it takes much longer to fill the order when they are suppling three times as much, consequently the store runs out of their current supply.

        Let us know if this happens. If it does happen then this it is very good news for the longs.

        All is my opinion.

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