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  • 1965 - That is the price Hans will trade at in 5 years.

    They are about to launch a new line of High Tech Monster Energy drinks that are going to steal market share from everyone.

    We are the Coca-Cola of the 1930's, watch us sales zoom again.

    All is my opinion.

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    • Far be it from me to defend the oil companies, but I think we need to give it a bit more time. The gasoline price is not determined by the cost of the last-received truckload of oil. They may well be refining oil that cost them $50, $60, $70 bucks - who knows. Granted, they would be much quicker to hike the price based on the last truckload of oil on the way up -- such is life.

      Nice to see HANS holding strong here.

    • Read it, it states oil at 40/barrel and if it falls $10 more then we should have $1/gallon gas. I am not going to research the entire web, suffice it to say consumers are being ripped off at the pump right now.

      If consumers were a little more aware and could actually think for themselves instead of following headlines then gas would be close to $1.10/gallon right now.

      All is my opinion.

    • The facts presented are specific what is lacking is the ability to think for oneself, without having to follow what the media tells you how to think.

      All is my opinion.

    • The only thing meaningless is your response. If you cannot think then you should buy into the ole' hedge funds or better yet listen to Cramer.

      Gas to 1.10/gallon assuming the oil companies drop it where it should be at given oil/barrel.

      All is my opinion.

    • M1965 you have not lost much, yet. Better cover you position now! With gas prices about to drop like a rock and Monster about to launch several new lines of Monster Drinks and KO distributing in Europe the tunsami is about to hit - I see $50.

      All is my opinion.

    • Wrong again. Time to get a dart board and improve your strategy. The darts would have won a better short position today, and you wouldn't have to talk so much justifying your mistake.

    • I'm sorry, what was the news that sent the stock soaring 15% in a day and a half? Oh thats right, the pump and dump ..... keep pushing boys ... gonna be a nice crash .. market and the Monster.

    • Shorts are frying'.

      The stock should hit 40 by then end of this month. Patiently awaiting the next cc.

      All is my opinion.

    • Oil is a basic raw material that makes up gas, in fact, it is a major component. Thus, the price of gas follows oil.

      In fact when oil/barrel was at 34 a few years back gas was at 1.10/gallon.

      I did state prices are sticky, slow to move down. But as the example I gave as oil/barrel went up a few dollars the price of gas went from 1.8 to 2.1 in a few days.

      Be a consumer who is ill informed and be glad that prices have dropped.

      For those who think, realize gas should be at 1.10/gallon.

      All is my opinion.

    • At 147/barrel I was paying 4.80/gallon.

      Now we are at 34/barrel, roughly 22% of 147, means gas should be at roughly 1.10/gallon. I am not going to take out my calculator and crunch the numbers, today is my day off.

      Ironically enough, the news stations will not mention this fact. Additionally, there are a few experts who are out of the media who proclaim the same thing. Finally, prices are deemed sticky and thus slow to move even as oil/barrel drops however, when oil went up a few dollars a barrel I went from paying 1.8/gallon to 2.10/gallon.

      Consumers are being absolutely ripped off. And, if they dropped the price of gas down to where it should be 1.10/gallon that would get this entire economy going again.

      All is my opinion.

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