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  • oldicepirate oldicepirate Mar 2, 1999 10:38 PM Flag

    fax traded to 5 13/32 intraday low today

    fax spiked down to 5 13/32 about ten minutes to
    market close
    on one or more large volume trades.
    rebounded to 5 13/16 at close. 5 13/32 is a new low. any
    ideas or suggestions on
    who or what done it!?

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    • THe Board of Director's will be voting on the
      rate of dividend to be paid out for another quarter. I
      give it small odd's any change will be

      The AUD has remained in the area Management expected
      last Fall of the $.63 area. I believe Management was
      also counting on one more Aussie rate cut this spring.
      So it looks like they have it right so far.

      Their Asia debt call is working out better than anyone
      expected so they will also help to secure the

      With the still historically high discount I would
      think the BOD would be happy to leave things


    • What is March Meeting about, what are they going to discuss about FAX, and any speculation, any surprise ? Thanks for any advice.

    • I also was down on my initial purchase @$9.10/sh
      prior to the rights offering. what I am referring to is
      that thru the knowledge gained from the folks on this
      board, I purchased enough shares thru the offering to
      make up the difference, based on selling them back
      @$6/sh, the dividends are the gain at this time, I
      believe I will wait until after the March meeting, to
      reevaluate selling.

      Good question tho...

    • How do you figure you made money on FAX since 1996? I own it for an even longer period. Since the stock went down from 10 to 5+, I'm not too happy. Please explain.

    • Oh yea, I've lost a bunch on them too! Their so out of favor, but better than T-bills...good night

    • Flipper58,Sapper558 and all the helpful
      contributors to this board:I bought FAX in Dec 96, on the
      recommendation of Richard Band and doubled my holdings with the
      rights offering-I thank you all(especially you
      Flipper58) for sharing your knowledge on FAX, it helped me
      to understand and to prosper. I would like to return
      the favor.
      My son, who works in the educational
      video field, lead me to a stock which at first wasn't
      my cup of tea, as it might not be yours. The company
      is called Sigma Designs(nasdaq SIGM).Not an internet
      stock, altho associated with it in many ways, quite a
      compelling story: has leading edge technology in dvd
      decoding, is in association with Oracle,Microsoft,Sony
      ,Panasonic, brilliant engineers and very saavy management.
      The company has reach critical mass with the
      exploding DVD market and the "Next Generation Internet" I'm
      rambling sorry! Stock is really ready to explode, do your
      own DD. Check out the Yahoo board on it, great group
      of intelligent people just like this board. If
      interested,don't dally! Once again thanks for your time and
      input.I will answer question if you have any!

    • Looks like it might be a good fund for me. I
      really do not like to look back too much. I have a
      similar type open end fund: Sound Shore but this might be
      good for one of our IRAs. I recently added to my CH
      and thinking about India.

    • Sharon, I did not get to answer all your
      questions in my previous post.

      No, I have never
      participated in any of the open-ending exercises. CET and BEM
      are immune to open-ending since the families and
      their friends probably control over half of the stock.
      Other old funds auch as TY & ADX are also almost
      impossible to open end since they are held mostly by the
      fund's transfer agent, instead of in street names held
      by brokerage houses. These owners like the discount
      to NAV as for years they have bought and re invested
      dividends - buying dividends and future earnings at a
      discount! I know of families who have had over three
      generations of family members investing in TY &

      CET has not lost much if any NAV over the past 1 1/2
      years. The price decline was the stock going from a
      premium of 5-8% to -19% discount. Among funds, closed end
      or open end, with histories of at least 15 years non
      has surpassed the performance of CET. It has a
      remarkable 18% annulized total return since in 1929, despite
      the great depresion and many bear markets.

      is the top performer since inception, followed by
      BEM which is only about 40 years old. Among CEFs,
      other ranking among the top 5 since inception are GAM,
      TY & ADX. BEM has the top rank for the past 15
      years. Morningstar used to follow BEM but dropped it
      last year because of its high price $189/sh and the
      low trading volume. Never buy BEM with a market
      order! A few months back some one put in a market order
      for 500 or 600 shares and jumped the price up
      $12.00/shr! !

      I still havn't decided on the best
      REITS. Looking at MAA, SIZ & MT but no final decision as
      I have more reading to do. I posted origional
      mesage on several boards to get reactions ICEFI, FAX,
      MAA SIZ & MT, (RWitt) on icefi
      Bob Witt

    • CET is a mid cap value fund. One of its top
      holdings is INTEL. For 20 some years running it had beaten
      the S&P 500 index. It has a bad 1 1/2 years because
      of being a value fund. It is considered a "Buffet
      Clone" along with BEM. Both have managers who are given
      wide authority and scope for investments. They are
      members of the families who own directly or indirectly
      about 40% of the funds share. Wilmont Kidd has managed
      CET for many years.

      I think mid-caps will
      return to favor before small caps. Morningstar follows

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