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  • flipper_58 flipper_58 Apr 23, 1999 1:05 PM Flag

    Move upward in FAX

    I certainly have mentioned this before but I like
    to talk about it because the investors I can
    convince the more eyes and ears I have to help monitor my
    investments too...if that makes sense.

    Traders I know
    talk about looking for catalysts to drive there new
    purchase higher,i.e. up coming earnings, new business
    etc.. Sucessful traders I know buy high and sell
    higher, trading with the momentum.

    I feel with
    income vechicles like FAX, KHI, SGU, HYP, PZN). I am
    looking for a "technical" catalyst(rights offering,
    secondary, unpopular merger, confusing change in corporate
    structure) to buy shares, verses fundamental issues
    (industry show down, earnings, etc.). Points of
    "inflection"..any ideas I would appreciate.


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    • Because of your post concerning SGU, I was
      intrigued and did research on it and as I mentioned before
      was optimistic with the risk/reward scenerio with
      SGU--with the rights offering the price came down to its
      lows and I bought on that day with everything looking
      promising for a great long-term buy and hold. So your last
      post hit it perfectly--you mentioned SGU and described
      its situation and I did some research on it and
      couldn't believe the yield it offered at the low
      price--great buying opportunity. So today, we got some good
      news, the dividend is being raised which equates to an
      over 16% yield not to mention the price gain on top of
      it--all in just a months time.

      Also own
      FAX--learned of FAX in Kiplingers and everything is going
      great with this Co--another great long-term

      Just have one stock idea--it's not a closed-end fund
      or doesn't pay a dividend--but with my philosophy of
      buy and hold for the long-term as long as the Co has
      great risk/reward, management, and other factors, it
      looks promising. The company is ESC (Emeritus), an
      assisted living Co. that is making a turnaround and could
      become a growth stock in the future. Just went public
      just over three yrs ago and is about to turn
      profitable, has great management--and the management puts
      their money where their mouth is, especially the CEO,
      (just take a look and the insiders buying on
      yahoo--it's phenominal). People are only getting older, and
      ESC is well positioned to reap the benefits. I own
      it, and consider it a safe, value play, especially
      with all the market turmoil, but with the potential to
      become a growth story.
      Just an idea worth taking a
      look at.

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