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  • guanica13 guanica13 Mar 17, 2000 10:40 AM Flag

    With the dividend cut to

    The Dividend has been reduced to the ACTUAL
    earnings generated by the fund, at the price as of 10:30
    EST of 4 3/4 that equates to a yield of 11.37%, think
    you're kidding yourself if you think stock will go down
    to 4, think it will stabilize here, maybe move up a
    bit in the next month or two, then move based on
    actual market (interest rate) conditions. Welcome input
    on my comments, or comments from others.

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    • Betting on FAX is betting on the Aussie
      From what I've read in the last few days,
      FAX does
      not hedge its positions.

      If you believe the
      Aussie $ is undervalued,
      buy more FAX. If you don't,
      sell out now.


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      • and see the continual Irish theme?

        until the Olympics come to Australia this year and we
        see everything Australian in the news for two months.
        The legitimate inflows of tourism will generate
        hundreds of millions of legitimate strenth in Australia's
        economy and put IRON into its dollar! But moreover, the
        PERCEPTION will be even higher of all things Australian,
        increasing interest and demand for Australian

        The Aussie dollar will reach near-parity with the US
        dollar by the fourth quarter, and FAX will be a $10

        And we'll be sitting around laughing at the fools
        that let us buy more at these levels.

      • i thought fax might drop to 4 1/2 but
        think it would make it today. drop in aussie
        today and cut in dividend was a double
        should hold here for a while. best
        of luck to the

    • With a future NAV reduction and global interest rate going up. FAX is definately going for a dip to 3.75 to 4.00 and it will trade in that range for a lonlg time.

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      • As someone stated with interest rates on the rise
        a 14% return should be the minimum an investor
        would expect on a foreign currency paying bond fund. Be
        patient and put in a good till cancelled order with your
        broker at the price you want to pay.

        As interest
        rates continue to rise change your order to a lower
        price. At some point, probably on a high volume day
        somebody will throw in the towel and take whatever price
        they can get. BINGO you have your rate locked in. All
        of this presupposes that they don't reduce the yield
        again. Watch gold prices going forward and figure out
        the correlation.

4.97-0.08(-1.58%)Jun 24 4:04 PMEDT